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The Hot Zone: Anthrax Trailer Teases A Scary and Scary Story

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National Geographic has just released a new trailer for their limited series entitled The Hot Zone: Anthrax. The series is based on true events about a wave of anthrax-filled letters following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This six-part mini-series aims to shed light on the countless layers of story that the headlines have missed in more attention-grabbing.

The trailer introduces Matthew Ryker, played by Daniel Dae Kim (Lost), an FBI agent specializing in microbiology who believes the United States is vulnerable to bio-weapon attacks. When letters containing anthrax are found on Capitol Hill and several news outlets, which later kills five people, Ryker is tasked with hunting down the killer. The investigation was assisted by Dr. Bruce Ivins, played by Tony Goldwyn (Scandal), a brilliant microbiologist who has an unstable mental state and acute paranoia that makes him the prime suspect.

Helping in the investigation is a group of FBI agents, ranging from seasoned punters to fresh-faced Quanitco graduate agents, played by Dawn Olivieri, Ian Colletti, Dylan Baker, and Morgan Kelly. Carlos Gonzalez-Vio and Vanessa Matsui play Irvins’ colleagues at the United States Army Infectious Disease Research Institute. The Hot Zone: Anthrax also stars Enrico Colantoni as New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Harry Hamlin as NBC news reporter Tom Brokaw.

This limited series is a follow-up to the miniseries launched by National Geographic in 2019, The Hot Zone, which revolves around the 1976 Ebola outbreak in Zaire. Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson return as showrunners and executive producers for the project. Jordan Sheehan, Richard Preston, and Lynda Obst are also executive producers, along with Ridley Scott and David W. Zucker.

The Hot Zone: Anthrax will premiere on November 28, 2021.

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