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The Forgotten Ex-Boxing World Champion’s Body Transformation

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Body transformation Kell Brook, a forgotten former world boxing champion after a difficult career ahead of his revenge fight against Amir Khan next weekend. Kell Brook had some of the most brutal but best nights in recent British boxing history.

Saturday tomorrow, ex boxing world champion it will undergo a vengeful battle against his nemesis Amir Khan. Ahead of the vengeful fight, SunSport details the ups and downs of Brook’s tough career and jaw-dropping body transformation.

Middle class
Kell Brook made his debut in the 66.6kg welterweight division and has tirelessly broken through to the world rankings. He eventually landed the mandatory IBF position and in 2014 surprised Shawn Porter in California to win the world championship belt.

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Brook made three title defenses, before advancing to middleweight, only to drop back down, losing the belt to Errol Spence Jr. The Briton returned to welterweight in 2020 but was beaten by Terence Crawford, his last fight.

Middle-light class
After ceding his welterweight title to Spence in 2017, Brook climbed to 69.8kg to become champion of both classes. He went on to beat the likes of Sergey Rabchenko, Michael Zerafa and Mark DeLuca in his new division.

Brook appears to be well on his way to the title race and looks healthier in weight. But after accepting a deal to move back to Crawford, it ended his success midway through.

Middle class
Kell Brook shocked the boxing public in 2016 when he jumped two divisions from welterweight to middleweight at 72.6kg. Chris Eubank Jr’s talk of taking on Kazakh dangerous Gennady Golovkin fell through, giving Brook a surprise chance.

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And he started the fight well, winning the early rounds but GGG’s size and power proved too decisive, stopping him in round five. Brook dropped back into welterweight a year later to fight Spence, and looks skinny on the scales.

Amir Khan’s Class

With rivals entering the twilight of their careers, they finally agree on terms to fight. But that comes at a cost for Brook, who is always fighting to reach his welterweight limit. Amir Khan suggests in the 67.5 kg class which is only 907 grams above the welterweight limit. And for every pound one of the fighters could potentially lose weight, a contract penalty of £100,000 will apply.


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