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The Enchantment of Marine Tourism at Sari Ringgung Beach, Pesawaran Bandar Lampung

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Travel Directory – Enjoy the beautiful clean white sand of the beach among the exotic beaches for a weekend holiday recommendation with family or relatives while on vacation in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.

Tourism site Sari Ringgung Beach which is located only about half an hour from Bandar Lampung which is one of the most attractive marine tourism destinations to visit while on vacation, in this beach area, friends of the Tourism Directory can not only spend holidays on the beach, but also can play snorkeling which is very suitable for holiday recommendations. weekend with family or relatives while on vacation in Lampung.

Lampung Pesawaran Beach

If a friend of the Indonesian Tourism Directory fills a vacation in Lampung, it feels incomplete if you don’t visit this beach tourist spot that is currently a trend in Lampung, one of which is a beach tourist attraction that is on the rise and is visited by many tourists is Sari Ringgung Beach, a beach in Lampung which is a beautiful beach. beautiful, white sand, clean and not so far from downtown Bandar Lampung.

Sari Ringgung Beach is located in Pesawaran Regency, Lampung Province with a distance of only 14 Km or a travel time of ± 30 minutes from downtown Bandar Lampung. Upon arriving at this beach, visitors are immediately greeted by the waves and the cool coastal breeze.

On this beach, friends from the Tourism Directory will find the Pasir Timbul tourist attraction as people call it. It only takes about 15-25 minutes to travel by small boat, you can already be in Pasir Rising. These small boats have a capacity of 10-15 people, which are ready to take us on our journey.

The cost offered is also quite affordable. We can enjoy the sand rides as much as we like here without the entanglement of time. Our advice to friends, it’s better if you want to use a ship, you should make a price offer, and it’s better if we can share or jointly ride the ship.

Sari Ringgung Beach Bandar Lampung

On this beach there is also a floating mosque called Masjid Al Aminah. Unlike other floating mosques that have ever existed, this mosque is actually floating in the ocean. Among the rows of fishing cages scattered in the Ringgung Beach area, there is a mosque floating there.

Al Aminah Floating Mosque which uses a cage system. It is said that the information that the Indonesian Tourism Directory received from time to time this mosque could move in the direction of the waves. And this floating mosque is made of wooden planks that are shaped very uniquely, dynamically and simply.

One of the spots that is also visited by many visitors is the top of the hills whose position is on a hill, if the friends of the Tourism Directory come to this location, then we can see the beauty of Sari Ringgung beach from a height, we can even see the sand rising from the beautiful peaks, and no less interesting we can see the charm of the beauty of Mount Krakatau.

The Charm of Lampung Pesawaran Beach

Sari Ringgung Beach tourism object also has unique restaurant facilities that are used for meetings, family events, birthday events and others, one of which is the Boat Cafe & Resto. So for friends of the Indonesian Tourism Directory who will spend a vacation on this beach with family and friends, you don’t need to be confused about getting a place to rest with seafood dishes that are sold at this location.

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Sari Ringgung Beach also has interesting facilities for visitors, with a view that is quite soothing to the eye with the green hills. On this beach there are also many water play areas that we can easily find, one of which is the spilled water barrel which is quite safe for our family. So for friends who bring the baby, you can invite them to play in the water in this place.

The way to get to Sari Ringgung Beach from Bandar Lampung is very easy, for those of the Travel Directory friends who use private vehicles, you can follow the directions as shown in the map below.[]

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