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The condition of the Indonesian badminton team continues to be monitored through light exercises

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Friday, 11 February 2022 – 16:31 WIB

VIVA – Despite having to undergo self-quarantine since arriving in Malaysia, the Indonesian badminton team still maintains their fitness condition by doing light exercises in the room. The training menu is provided for the morning and evening.

Today, Friday 11 February 2022, the players continue to eat the portion of the training provided by physical trainers Yansen Alpine and Ari Subarkah like the previous days. Although limited, they live it in their respective rooms with enthusiasm.

“Even though they are quarantined in their rooms, the players are still enthusiastic about carrying out the training program from the coaches in the morning and evening,” said the Indonesian team manager, Harry Hartono, in a press statement received by PBSI. VIVA.

So far, the coaching team has only provided training menus to maintain the ability and fitness of Daniel Martin cs. They have not yet entered tactics and strategy training because the inaugural match at the 2022 Badminton Asia Team Championship (BATC) only started on February 15.

Preparation of Indonesian badminton athletes ahead of the 2022 BATC

Therefore, until now it has not developed a detailed strategy. Likewise in the preparation of player material.

“Maybe a day or two before the match, the focus will be on preparing players and strategy. So far we haven’t seen how the condition of each player is,” said Harry.

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