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The Beauty of Bunaken National Marine Park The Hidden Paradise of Bunaken Marine Park

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Bunaken National Marine Park

Bunaken marine park is one of many tour which has been internationally recognized for its beauty in Indonesia. What’s in there?

The Enchantment of Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken marine park has been inaugurated as a national park since 1991 by the government as an effort to develop the best tourism potential in Indonesia. Bunaken National Marine Park or commonly called Bunaken is an area located in Manado, North Sulawesi. This area has the largest underwater beauty in Indonesia and even Asia. With so many species of marine life, Bunaken has become a research destination for many countries. Bunaken is famous for its marine park which is overgrown by various types of coral reefs. Even the types of coral reefs here are the largest and most complete in the world. Just like taking a walk in the park while on land, enjoying the underwater beauty of Bunaken will never bore you. The colorful colors of coral reefs with various shapes make the eyes bright, especially with the types of fish that always hide behind the coral reefs. This charm is what makes diving and snorkeling enthusiasts always make Bunaken the first point of reference to enjoy the underwater beauty. There is nothing wrong with the international world calling it a hidden paradise under the ocean.

Dive Point in Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken marine park is located on the golden triangle waterway that connects the Papuan sea, Indonesian sea, and the Philippine sea. Therefore, the temperature and speed of currents in the Bunaken sea are the most stable in the whole world, so many species depend on it for their lives. It’s not wrong if the researchers say that 75% of marine species are in the Bunaken sea. The many species that live in this sea make divers seem to never get tired of exploring the underwater beauty. So far, 20 dive points have been provided in 5 islands. 12 of them are in the Bunaken island area. One of the favorite places for divers to enjoy the underwater beauty is visiting the great wall or hanging wall. Both are ocean cliffs that are infested by various giant corals. The size can reach 50 meters under the sea which will certainly make you not stop feeling amazed by this natural charm. At some point divers will encounter a sea abyss that is so deep that it feels the sensation of darkness under the sea. There is also a point that is a favorite of divers, namely the wreckage of a ship that has sunk. The wreckage of this ship has its own history so that it has a deep impression. The cabin space and almost all parts of the ship have been decorated with colorful coral reefs so that it has an astonishing exoticism.

Endemic Fish Bunaken Marine Park

In addition to enjoying the colorful coral reefs, Bunaken also gives the charm of endemic fish that are often found only in Bunaken. Under the sea of ​​Bunaken there are more than 2000 types of fish that will accompany you to see the beauty of the underwater garden. There are several fish and marine biota that are the target of divers to be immortalized, namely barracuda fish, marlin, dolphins, to whales. These fish appear at different times with the main reason of course the availability of food and the climate in the Bunaken sea. If lucky divers can meet turtles that are hundreds of years old and also dugongs which are tame species that like to play with divers. Don’t worry about the ferocious fish because if you obey the instructor’s orders, diving by playing with the fish will be fun and impressive. The fish that are most often found playing among coral reefs are dansel, trigger, unicorn, and wrase fish species.

The other side Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken not only presents its underwater beauty which is full of fish species and coral reefs. There is still a lot of beauty that is stored in Bunaken which can add to the enthusiasm to enjoy a vacation there. Bunaken has an area of ​​approximately 75,265 hectares which is divided into 5 islands, namely Manado Tua Island, Siaden Island, Naen Island, Mantehage Island, and Bunaken Island. These islands have an exoticism that is not inferior to the underwater area. There are many beauties that can be visited from the mangrove forest to the pier which is a stopover for visitors who come to the island. This beauty certainly adds to the amount of documentation in the gallery or just enjoying the morning and evening horizon with your loved ones certainly makes meaningful memories. So you don’t have to worry about getting bored of spending your vacation just under the sea because Bunaken has a million surprises that will make you feel at home for a long time there.

Enjoying Local Food Bunaken Marine Park

While diving, drinking water, while diving, enjoying the natural charm of the underwater world, don’t forget to enjoy the processed products under the water. Bunaken also has a dish typical of the city of Manado to be the right dish after a day of vacation. Of course enjoying the beauty of the Bunaken sea from the beach with dishes full of natural spices makes anyone want to be there. Moreover, the city of Manado is famous for its strong and spicy spice taste, which will make you tempted to be there again and again. There are many typical coastal preparations such as grilled fish, crabs, shellfish, shrimp, and other marine products that can be enjoyed along the coast of Bunaken. One of the most sought after fish is grilled barracuda fish which is the size of an adult’s thigh. It will really feel delicious to eat with friends or family after a tired day of playing water. Baracuda fish itself has a dense but soft texture so the spices will easily seep into it. Served with kale and papaya leaf anointing will add to your stomach satisfaction. Another menu that should not be left out while in Bunaken is tinutuan porridge. Tinutuan porridge is a Manado specialty that mixes rice and vegetables and then adds processed fish as a topping. Of course, a bowl of hot tinutuan porridge can make you forget you’re in heaven.

How to get to Bunaken Marine Park

The Bunaken marine area provides 3 alternative roads that can be reached to tourist sites. It can be from the port of Manado, Marina Nusantara Diving Center, or by Marine Blue Banter. Generally people will go to Manado port to be able to charter a boat to the location besides the price is cheaper, the distance is also not too far from the Bunaken marine park. There are many transportation services that offer services to Bunaken once you get off from Sam Ratulangi airport so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Best Time to Visit Bunaken Marine Park

Considering the time to enjoy the beauty of the Bunaken sea has always been a concern of divers. because in some conditions sea water currents and temperatures do not support diving activities. Therefore it takes the right prediction when you want to dive. The best time to dive in the Bunaken sea area is around May to August. Because in this month the condition of the sea water is stable and the temperature of the sea water is quite warm and friendly to divers. Of course, paying attention to this best time will make your visit more enjoyable and memorable at Bunaken marine park.

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