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The Advantages of White Crater Tour that Must Be Visited

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Bandung is the capital of West Java Province which is already very well known. The city itself has a lot of tourist attractions that are very interesting and very fun to visit. West Java is indeed a province that has been blessed by God with many natural landscapes that are still very interesting and fun to visit.

If we come to West Java, we can visit various tourist attractions in West Java which will certainly make you feel at home to spend time. call it some of the cities that became the center of the famous tourist attractions in West Java. There are tourist attractions in Bogor, tourist attractions in Bandung, tourist attractions in Garut. However, there is one tourist spot that is quite famous, namely the white crater tour which is the leading tourist spot in Ciwidey. Kawah Putih is a tourist attraction that is never empty with visitors. This is because there are several advantages of Kawah Putih tourism that are attractive to visitors.

Kawah Putih is one of the many natural attractions in West Java. Nature in West Java does have great potential to bring up a lot of potential tourist attractions. However, actually not only applies to West Java, the natural scenery in Indonesia is one of the best in the world. Kawah Putih itself has always been a tourist destination that is never empty with visitors. Those who come and visit are not only dominated by local residents.

However, those who come and visit this location also come from outside the city. Those who visit Bandung will definitely take the time to visit and enjoy the charm of the beauty of the white crater. There are so many advantages of white crater tourism that make it very famous among tourists. The advantages possessed by this white crater itself is a special selling point it has. Some of the advantages possessed by the white crater tourist area are as follows:

1. Beautiful Natural Scenery

We all know that the white crater is a very interesting natural tourist spot to visit. Those who really like tourist activities that are closely related to nature and their environment, it will be highly recommended to visit and enjoy the beauty of this Ciwidey white crater tour.

The natural scenery at the location is very beautiful, so it’s no wonder that this location itself is often used as a pre-wedding photo location in Bandung. Those who come to this location have the main goal of being able to enjoy the beauty of the white crater. Even so, visitors who come for this vacation must still be careful.

White crater still emits sulfur smoke, this smoke will be very dangerous for tourists if they inhale too much smoke. Vacationing to the white crater is an experience that you will certainly not forget. The natural beauty that exists is not only in the location of the white crater. We can enjoy the natural beauty along the way to the white crater area itself.

Along the way we will be spoiled with views of shady trees, as well as an atmosphere that seems comfortable and calming. Although a little disturbed by the sound of passing vehicles. A visit to the white crater will certainly never disappoint. This location can be a tourist spot that not only spoils our eyes, but also a tourist spot that can spoil our souls.

2. Adequate Support Facilities

White Crater Tour The existence of supporting facilities is a must and must be owned by every tourist spot. If the existence of supporting facilities is not considered properly, then tourists who come to visit will feel uncomfortable and lazy to visit again. Kawah Putih itself has adequate supporting facilities.

Supporting facilities owned by the white crater such as bathrooms, places of worship, and a fairly large parking lot. In addition to these facilities, there are several other facilities such as places to eat and souvenirs typical of the white crater. As we know that the white crater is a fun tourist spot but also dangerous at the same time. The dangerous element here is because of the sulfur gas which is toxic to humans.

So that tourists who come to visit here can be said to be a little threatened with danger. However, that’s not something we should worry too much about. The manager of the white crater itself has taken this into account. This can be seen from the preparation of a special post which aims to protect and maintain the safety of visitors. The existence of this post itself can at least greatly reduce the anxiety of tourists for their safety. Even though there is a guard post, as tourists, we must keep ourselves safe by being careful.

3. Affordable Ticket Prices

The advantages of this white crater tour are an advantage that can be said to be very important. This is because it is directly related to the method of financial calculation. Tourists before visiting a certain place will always take into account the estimated costs required. Every tourist has a certain budget that is different and not the same from one another.

This is what makes the price of admission to a tourist place one of the things that is quite crucial to be taken into account. Some tourists sometimes have to cancel their intention to visit a certain tourist area because their budget is not appropriate or insufficient. However, this does not apply to the Kawah Putih tourist area. Ticket prices at this location can be said to be very affordable for all people. The white crater tourist area itself is a tourist area that is intended to be able to entertain the people.

4. Tourist attractions that are very suitable for families

The white crater tourist area is a very pleasant tourist location and is very suitable for a family vacation. This is because by visiting this location we can teach children to be closer to nature. In addition, it is also quite interesting to provide an interlude to the type of tourism for children. Thus, children are not only fixated on tourist attractions in the form of buildings such as malls. Although at this location there are no special play facilities for children, by visiting this location, we will make children understand and understand that the outdoors is a tourist location that is no less interesting.

those were some of the advantages possessed by the white crater tourist area. But in addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are still several other advantages such as:

  1. Strategic location
  2. Many other tourist areas are not far from the white crater
  3. Easy access
  4. Easy to get means of transportation

Well, that was the advantage of white crater tourism that you can know. The white crater tourist area is a very interesting natural tourist area. However, if you visit this location, you also have to be careful. Hopefully the information was useful.

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