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The Advantages of Mount Bromo Tourism that Must Be Visited

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Indonesia is a country that is right on the path of the active mountain circle in the world. So, do not be surprised if in Indonesia itself there are many volcanoes that are still active and inactive. The mountain in Indonesia itself has now become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Indonesia. There are so many attractions related to the beauty of the mountain.

Just a tour of Mount Papandayan which is one of the tourist attractions in West Java, then Mount Merbabu which is also a tourist spot in Central Java. Currently it is becoming a special characteristic for the community, especially for young people to make the mountain as a tourist spot. Each tourist spot has different advantages from one another. Likewise with some of the advantages of Mount Bromo tourism that we cannot just ignore.

In recent years visiting the mountains to enjoy the natural charm of each mountain, has become one of the most popular types of tourism. No wonder, if a lot of tourist agents flock to offer mountain-related tour packages. However, not all mountains are usually included in the tour package. One type of mountain-related tour package and quite famous is a tour at Mount Bromo.

This one tour has indeed become one of the prima donna tourist attractions in East Java. Every year and every month, even every day, Mount Bromo will never be empty of tourist visits. Those who came to visit themselves came from various places, various cities, and various countries. Mount Bromo tourism is indeed one of the tourist attractions visited by many foreign tourists in Indonesia.

This is very closely related to the advantages of Mount Bromo tourism. This time we will discuss some of the advantages possessed by Mount Bromo so that it makes it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Indonesia, not only domestically but even abroad. Some of the advantages of Mount Bromo are:

1. Adequate Transportation

Transportation is one of the most decisive factors for a tourist location. This itself is closely related to whether tourists will feel at home or not to linger in the tourist location.

A tourist spot that does not pay attention to adequate transportation facilities, it will be certain that the tourist spot will not become famous. This is because potential tourists will become lazy if transportation to the location is inadequate or even difficult. Now in the case of Mount Bromo tourism, we don’t need to worry, this is because we will easily go to the Mount Bromo tourist location itself.

We can go to and reach Mount Bromo from various points and positions. Even though we go to Bromo from various spots, this will not affect the ease of transportation to reach Bromo. To get to the Mount Bromo area itself, we can use various kinds of transportation facilities that we like. We can use public transportation such as buses and so on, we can also rent a vehicle at car rentals, or we can also use a private vehicle. The ease of getting transportation to Bromo is what really becomes more value than the existence of Mount Bromo itself.

In addition to the ease of getting a means of transportation that can take us to Mount Bromo. We can also easily get transportation at the location of Mount Bromo itself. Transportation at Mount Bromo aims to make it easier for visitors who want to visit several tourist spots on Mount Bromo itself. A very interesting spot to visit and an attraction that cannot be missed.

2. Complete Facilities

Mount BromoThe second thing that is the advantage of Mount Bromo tourism is the completeness of the facilities it has. The facilities at Mount Bromo are indeed very diverse and all of them are very helpful for tourists to be able to enjoy their tourist activities on Mount Bromo. The facilities at Mount Bromo itself are not only limited to general facilities and the times we meet.

Such as places of worship, bathrooms, and others, but in Bromo itself there are also several food centers that we can visit, there is also a souvenir center that can be used as a shopping tour. In addition, for the safety and security of this area itself, there are also several security posts that can protect and guard tourists visiting Mount Bromo.

Facilities are indeed a must-have for every tourist location. If the facilities offered are not of a certain standard, the tourist location will also be quite difficult and difficult to develop properly. The facilities themselves do have different forms and functions. However, if its existence is not taken seriously by the manager of tourist sites, it will have a very bad impact on the tourist attractions themselves.

3. Diverse Natural Tourism Objects

Mount BromoMount Bromo is famous for being one of the tourist attractions in several districts. Mount Bromo itself, apart from being a tourist spot in Malang, is also a tourist spot in Lumajang, a tourist spot in Pasuruan, and a tourist spot in Probolinggo. This is because the location of Mount Bromo itself is indeed in the four districts.

In addition, Mount Bromo itself is indeed famous for its various tourist objects. One of the attractions of Mount Bromo which is quite famous is the view of the sunrise. We can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise on Mount Bromo from various locations and various places in the area. there are so many observation points that are provided to accommodate tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise on Mount Bromo.

Besides the beauty of the sunrise, Bromo is also famous for its whispering sand. The location of this whispering sand, as the name suggests, is a very wide sea of ​​sand. Local residents themselves know this area not as whispering sand. The name of the whispering sand itself is because this location was once used as a shooting location for the film which is also entitled whispering sand. Besides that place, there is also a book of teletubies that we can visit, a stretch of savanna hill in the Mount Bromo area, with a very green view.

4. Maintained Local Culture

Mount Bromo itself, apart from being a very famous tourist attraction throughout Indonesia and the world, is also famous as a place of worship for Hinduism. We can find this in the presence of several temples in that location. Bromo is indeed one of the few places on the island of Java which is also the center of Hinduism. So do not be surprised if one location also sometimes holds religious ceremonies. The religious ceremony itself has even turned into one of the most famous attractions of Mount Bromo tourism itself. Many tourists who deliberately come to Bromo to be able to enjoy and see the beauty and excitement of the Kasada ceremony.

Those were some of the advantages of Mount Bromo tourism that you must know. These advantages make Bromo one of the must-visit mountains in Indonesia. So do not be surprised if this location always accommodates a lot of tourists every year. Hopefully the information was useful.

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