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The Advantages of Lamongan Marine Tourism that You Must Visit

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East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is one of the favorite locations to spend the holiday period. East Java itself is one of the tourist destinations that is also visited by many foreign tourists visiting and coming to Indonesia. Many of those who come and visit East Java are tempted and fall in love with the tourist sites in East Java itself. There are so many tourist attractions in East Java that we can visit.

The variety of tourism in East Java itself has a lot of diversity and differences that have their respective advantages. We can find various cultural tours in East Java which can be historical and educational tours. We can also find various natural attractions in East Java which in addition to being an interesting tourist attraction can also be a place to calm the mind. We can just visit the Madakaripura waterfall, or enjoy the beauty of the beaches at tourist attractions in Banyuwangi.

Or we can also feel the natural beauty of the mountains at rock attractions, and there are many other locations that certainly can’t be wrong to visit. In addition, we can also visit a tourist spot in Lamongan, namely Lamongan Marine Tourism. There are so many advantages of Lamongan marine tourism that make it one of the worthy tourist sites and we must visit.

For some people, especially those from East Java, they already know Lamongan City well. A regency located on the northern coast of Java. This city is a city that has a long history. In addition to being a historical city, this city itself also stores a lot of tourist sites which will certainly be very interesting to visit.

Several tourist sites have become icons of Lamongan City itself, one of the most famous tourist sites is Wisata Bahari Lamongan or often abbreviated as WBL. This time we will discuss some of the advantages of Lamongan Marine Tourism. The advantages possessed by Lamongan Marine Tourism itself are as follows.

1. Strategic Location

The first advantage of Lamongan Marine Tourism is that its location is quite strategic. This is very important because the location will greatly affect the convenience for visitors who want to visit and play in that place.

For those who come from outside the Lamongan area, of course it will be very easy to find the location of this place. This is because this place itself is right on the main line of the Pantura. So for those who want to visit this place, there is no need to bother looking, we just have to follow the north coast road. If we follow the path, it is certain that we will get to that place, without getting lost or in the wrong direction.

The local government of Lamongan itself has put many kinds of directions for visitors who come and visit from various directions. In addition, the location of the Lamongan Marine Tourism itself is very close to several other tourist locations that are no less famous. There are so many other tourist objects close to this location. For example, Maharani Cave and Tanjung Frog Tourism, the two tourist sites can be said to be tourist attractions that were already well-known before the existence of Lamongan Marine Tourism.

So we can visit some of these locations after being satisfied playing at WBL, or we can visit WBL after first visiting these locations. Whichever you choose first, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Complete Facilities

sea-tourism-lamonganFacilities are one of the most important things for the sustainability of a tourist location. The manager of a good tourist spot will certainly pay attention to the condition and completeness of the existing facilities. For the existing facilities at Lamongan Marine Tourism itself can be said to be very complete and even very adequate. Here we not only find several facilities that are commonly found in other tourist attractions, but we also find several other facilities that will certainly support the existence of existing facilities at this location.

The facilities that many cities find are the presence of several toilets, then places of worship, and parking lots. In addition to these facilities, here we can also find several places to eat that have been provided by the manager. The place to eat is a place to eat that is managed by local residents, so that with this collaboration, Lamongan Marine Tourism also provides employment for the surrounding population. In addition to places to eat, at this location we can also find various places that sell souvenirs that are very typical of the Lamongan area in general and WBL in particular. All these souvenirs are also handmade by local residents.

3. Easy Transportation

sea-tourism-lamonganThis easy transportation is closely related to the smoothness of existing access. This is also related to the ease with which supporters can reach this tourist location. To be able to go to the location of Lamongan Marine Tourism itself, visitors can use various types of transportation vehicles available.

We can use some public transportation that we find a lot, such as buses that pass through this location, or some other public transportation. For those who have private vehicles, they can also use private vehicles to reach the place which will certainly be faster. If you are from outside the area then you can also rent several rental cars that are widely rented in the city. The ease of getting this means of transportation makes this location an inevitable prima donna.

4. Diverse rides

Another advantage of Lamongan Marine Tourism is that the rides are very diverse. The rides at Lamongan Marine Tourism may not be as complete as the famous Ancol Dreamland Park. Even so, this location still has various types of rides that are ready to pamper us with excitement that will certainly never be forgotten. We can visit various rides that can challenge our adrenaline, to challenge our courage. However, there are also rides that are provided for us to enjoy while relaxing to spend time at this location. Whichever rides we choose will certainly not disappoint.

Those were some of the advantages of Lamongan Marine Tourism, but in addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are other advantages it has, such as,

  1. Convenient location for family tours.
  2. The only marine tourism in Lamongan
  3. Fun children’s play area

That was the advantage of Lamongan marine tourism that you can know. A fun vacation spot that will certainly make us feel at home and want to visit again. Lamongan Marine Tourism is indeed a pride of the Lamongan community. Hopefully the information was useful.

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