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The Advantages of Indonesian Maritime Tourism which is very suitable to be visited

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Marine tourism is one of the most important things in Indonesia. The existence of marine tourism itself cannot be separated from the existence of the ocean area in Indonesia which is indeed wider. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia naturally has a large marine tourism potential. In addition, there are a lot of marine tourism in Indonesia that we can visit. Every place of the islands in Indonesia must have its own marine tourism potential.

We take the example of several tourist attractions in Bali and tourist attractions in Lombok which are indeed very famous for their amazing beaches. The beauty of the beaches in Indonesia, we don’t need to doubt anymore. Because of this, the development of marine tourism in Indonesia can be quite fast. This is also due to the many advantages of marine tourism in Indonesia. The advantages that make Indonesia’s marine tourism potential become something that must be considered and developed. Our marine tourism potential can be said to be quite competitive with the potential for natural tourism on land such as mountain tourism, waterfall tours, cave tours, village tours, and other tours that are on land.

The larger territory of Indonesia which is dominated by this sea area is indeed very attractive to many tourists. In addition, the existence of support from the existing government makes the existence of marine tourism a very interesting thing to do. The tourism potential in Indonesia itself is not limited to beaches. but to the underwater beauty that cannot be ignored. Indonesia with a large water area makes it one of the locations for international tourist destinations.

This is also one of the outputs or effects arising from the enormous excess of Indonesian marine tourism. These advantages can not only be found in tangible forms. These advantages can be manifested in various forms in accordance with the existing provisions and advantages. Some of the advantages possessed by existing Indonesian marine tourism are:

1. Variety of Marine Tourism of Many Kinds

We have said before that Indonesia is a large maritime country and has a lot of tourism potential. The potential and variety of existing Indonesian marine tourism is not only limited to places that have been used as tourist destinations. However, there are also separate marine tourism spots that are still hidden and not much known.

Such potential is actually something that makes our tourism potential never stop. Especially if we look at the many types of marine tourism in Indonesia which are very different from one another. Every marine tourism in Indonesia has its own uniqueness and beauty that is always different. However, one thing is certain, every beach in Indonesia is the perfect place to enjoy the best sunset in Indonesia. This diversity is what makes tourists never get bored with beach tourism in Indonesia.

Moreover, there are several beaches in Indonesia which are known as the best surfing spots, for example some beaches in tourist attractions in Banyuwangi. Some beaches in the south of the island of Java do have quite large waves. This is what surfers often use to boost their adrenaline. The beach with the best waves has become a must-visit for both national and international surfers. The existence of the potential for water sports is one of the potentials of Indonesian marine tourism.

2. Potential Underwater Beauty

bunakenAnother advantage of Indonesian marine tourism is the potential for underwater beauty which can be said to be very diverse and very interesting. The beauty of underwater charm in Indonesia is indeed one of the best in Indonesia. Some of these underwater tourist spots have become quite famous scuba diving spots.

There are some of the best scuba diving spots in Indonesia that we can visit to enjoy the underwater beauty which will be very amazing. The diversity of marine animals that we can see and enjoy is a very pleasant experience. The beauty of the underwater world in Indonesia is not something that can only be learned in words. The beauty of the underwater world in Indonesia is an experience that we must experience firsthand and dive for ourselves.

Some places with underwater beauty that are very famous are tourist attractions in Raja Ampat Papua, tourist attractions in Bunken and many other marine tourism spots that are not as beautiful. Some of these locations have even been recognized by the world as one of the marine tourism destinations that have international standards. This acknowledgment should be a kind of impetus for us to further maintain the authenticity and condition of the place.

3. Adequate Facilities

Support facilities are still a very important existence. Currently, it can be said that several tourist attractions have built and improved their resident facilities. The improvement of this facility itself will certainly make many of these tourist sites look back to become new tourist destinations that are quite interesting.

The improvements made are not only found in old tourist attractions, but also in new tourist sites that still need special attention from the government. Good supporting facilities will quickly make the existing new tourist attractions more famous. The development of these supporting facilities is not only considered by the central government, but also by the relevant local governments.

4. Easy Access

Some marine tourism locations in Indonesia itself can indeed be said to have easy access to these locations. However, it is undeniable that there are several tourist sites that are still a bit difficult for tourists to access. Most of the marine tourism centers in Indonesia are locations that are already very easy to be accessed by tourists. This is closely related to the construction and improvement of the facilities and infrastructure that support the existence of the location. This easy access has made several marine tourism locations in Indonesia very quickly known to the general public.

In addition to some of the advantages mentioned above, there are still several other advantages possessed by marine tourism in Indonesia, such as:

  1. Adequate transportation
  2. The great diversity of underwater animals
  3. Many tourist spots have become international standard tourist spots
  4. Become one of the contributors to regional income and residents around tourist sites.

Those are some of the advantages of marine tourism in Indonesia that you can know. The beauty of marine tourism in Indonesia is a big responsibility for us to take care of. If you visit then you should participate in preserving the place. Hopefully the information was useful.

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