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The advantages of Bunaken Tourism which is very suitable to be visited

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Indonesia is a very large maritime country. Most of Indonesia’s territory itself is a vast stretch of sea. Therefore, it is not surprising that the potential for marine tourism in Indonesia is also very large. There are many marine tourism places in Indonesia that you can visit.

All of these types of tours are tourist attractions that will certainly make us feel happy to linger in that place. there are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that cannot be separated from the sea area. This is because the Indonesian people themselves basically like the area and the experience of marine tourism. If we talk about sea views, surely there will be a lot of tourist places that we can visit.

Call it tourist attractions in Raja Ampat Papua, then several tourist attractions in Bali which are very famous for their beautiful beaches. However, there are other marine tourism spots that have a beauty that is not inferior to these places, the tourist location is Bunaken Marine Park tourism. There are so many advantages of Bunaken tourism that make it one of the main prima donnas in the world of marine tourism.

Bunaken itself is an island located in the Bay of Manado. So it can be said that Bunaken is part of a very famous tourist spot in North Sulawesi. Lots of people come and visit this location. Those who come, of course, really want to experience the beauty of Bunaken beach firsthand. This is because Bunaken is not just a written knowledge, but Bunaken is a diving experience that we must feel.

Every year it can be said that Bunaken itself is never empty with visitors. The tourists always come and visit to enjoy the beauty of Bunaken Island itself. So do not be surprised if Bunaken is one of the tourist attractions that are often visited by foreign tourists. In fact, it might even be said that the number of foreign tourists is slightly higher than the number of local tourists who visit and enjoy the beauty of Bunaken tourism itself. Bunaken itself can attract a lot of attention because it has many advantages that make it special. Some of the advantages that Bunaken has are:

1. One of the Best Tours in Indonesia

As previously stated, Indonesia is a very large and wide maritime country. Because of that, we have a lot of marine tourism locations, which may even be more than those on land. Not to mention the various places that have not been discovered or are still not for public consumption.

Of all the potential for marine tourism in Indonesia, the existence of Bunaken marine park tourism is one of the many marine tourism spots in Indonesia. The location of Bunaken Island itself can be said to be one of the best marine tourism owned by Indonesia. This is due to the many advantages that Bunaken itself has. apart from its stunning natural beauty.

Another thing that makes it one of the best is the management of the local government which can be said to be sufficient and even very good in developing Bunaken tourism. In addition, this assessment is based on the friendliness of the natives of Notken themselves. All of these things make Bunaken a marine tourism location that we cannot simply ignore. Even at least we should be able to visit the location even if only once in a lifetime. Many people say that it would be a loss not to visit Bunaken. The beauty that Bunaken has to offer has attracted many tourists to come back and return.

2. One of the International Marine Tourism

bunakenSince it was first discovered and since it was first proclaimed to be a marine tourism place. Bunaken continues to develop and continuously improve itself. In fact, it is increasingly attracting tourists to be able to visit and witness the beauty of the underwater scenery owned by Bunaken itself.

Those who visit Bunaken Island themselves are not limited to those who come from within the country. Even a lot of foreign tourists who come and visit Bunaken. Those who visit are usually those who really like and really enjoy activities related to marine tourism. In addition, they are certainly also very interested in the culture of the Bunaken area itself.

The attraction of Bunaken cannot be ignored by those who like marine tourism. So it is not surprising that now Bunaken has turned into one of the international standard marine tourism. This can also be said to have positive benefits for the development of tourism in the Bunaken area. However, it also provides a fairly large burden of responsibility for the Bunaken community itself.

3. Many Choices of Dive Points

If we visit a place with the beauty of marine tourism which is very interesting, it will be very unfortunate if we do not enjoy it. Bunaken itself is one of the best scuba diving spots in Indonesia, besides being the best in Indonesia, Bunaken is also one of the best scuba diving spots in the world. That’s what makes Bunaken a game for divers.

Moreover, the underwater wealth found in Bunaken is one of the best. Bunaken itself does have a very diverse underwater beauty and wealth and this diversity itself is one of the inevitable selling points. Spot diving in Bunaken itself has a total of approximately 20 dive points. Each point has its own uniqueness and beauty.

4. Affordable ticket prices

Although Bunaken seems to be an expensive tourist spot, in fact this assumption is an incorrect assumption. Bunaken itself is a tourist place that can be classified as quite cheap and affordable by all people. To be able to enjoy the beauty of the Bunaken marine park, we will be charged 50 thousand.

Ticket prices offered are very cheap. If we say honestly whether the ticket costs we spend with the underwater beauty we find, then the answer is very comparable and very appropriate.

Those are some of the advantages that Bunaken Island has. However, it still has several other advantages such as

  1. Complete facilities
  2. Friendly locals
  3. Complete infrastructure
  4. Many other types of tours in Bunaken
  5. Smooth and good access

Those are some of the advantages of Bunaken tourism that you can know. Knowledge and experience about bunaken is not something that comes from writing and books alone. Bunaken is a diving experience. Hopefully the information was useful.

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