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The advantages of Baturaden Tourism which is very suitable to be visited

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Central Java again presents a very interesting and quite famous tourist spot. The province, which is located right in the middle of the island of Java, is indeed quite famous for its many tourist sites. There are so many tourist attractions in Central Java that make it one of the provinces that is quite famous as a place that is the main destination for many tourists.

The tourists who come to Central Java itself are not only limited to domestic tourists. Those who come to Central Java are also many who come from abroad. Tourism in Central Java does have many types and varieties ranging from very tempting natural attractions such as the famous Puthuk Mongkrong Magelang Tour. Then there are also several other tourist attractions such as the Sam Po Kong temple tour, Semarang Chinatown Tour.

And there are many other tours that are also very famous such as culinary tours in some very interesting cities and there are also some sports tours which are also very interesting. However, there is a tourist location that is quite famous in Central Java. This tourist location itself is Baturaden Lokawisata, a tourist spot that is quite famous. There are so many advantages of Baturaden tourism that make it very famous among the people of Indonesia and Central Java.

Baturaden itself is a tourist site located in the southern part of Mount Slamet. More precisely, Baturaden itself is one of the mainstays of tourist attractions in Banyumas. Since it was first used as a tourist location in 1928, Baturaden has attracted a lot of visitors’ attention. Baturaden itself is a place that is quite famous among the people of Banyumas.

This even makes the Baturaden location itself has legends that are very closely attached to the Banyumas community. One of the legends that is quite famous in the Baturaden area is the legend of Raden Kamandaka or better known as the legend of Lutung Kasarung. This legend itself is no longer just a local legend. However, this legend itself has become the property of the wider community. Baturaden itself has many advantages in the field of tourism. Some of the advantages of Baturaden tourism are as follows.

1. Strategic location

The Baturden tourist area is one of the tourist attractions that can be said to have a profitable strategic location. Its location at the foot of Mount Slamet itself gives it a very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Many visitors feel that Baturaden is a very convenient location and makes us lazy to leave.

A place that has a very cool and comfortable atmosphere, so that it makes visitors feel at home. Mount Slamet itself which is the location where the Baturaden tourist site is located is one of the mountains that is still active. This mountain itself is still often used as one of the most famous climbing tourist destinations in Indonesia. Many climbers want to conquer the second highest mountain on the island of Java.

While Baturaden itself is located on the west side of Mount Slamet. The west side of the mountain faces directly into the Banyumas area. Baturaden distance from downtown Banyumas, namely Purwokerto itself has a distance that is not too far away. The distance that must be taken from downtown Banyumas to reach the Baturaden tourist location itself requires a distance of about 15 Km. The time needed to travel alone is not too much. If we drive in smooth traffic then we will need a travel time of about 30 minutes. However, if the traffic is heavy then we may need a longer travel time. Moreover, Baturaden is one of the most popular tourist destinations during holiday times.

2. There are many types of tourism in Baturaden

Baturaden TourismBaturaden is one of the tourist sites that are used a lot as a place to spend vacation time, both by family and by those who are visiting Banyumas. If we visit Baturaden alone, we will be spoiled by the many choices of tourist attractions that we can visit.

Here we can find various interesting tourist spots such as several interesting waterfalls, as well as several tourist attractions that were built specifically by the manager. Some of the waterfalls in the Baturaden Lokawisata itself are included in the best waterfalls in Purwokerto. So it can be ascertained the beauty of the waterfalls in this location.

The number of choices of this type of tourism itself more or less makes the visitors more satisfied to be able to determine which type of tourism is indeed interesting for him. There are some visitors who come indeed more interested in some more natural tourist attractions and with very natural scenery. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery, the manager of Baturaden itself has provided a camping ground area which is definitely very safe.

3. Cheap tickets

Baturaden tourism area itself is intended for those who come from all groups. Baturaden tourist area is an area that aims to provide equal opportunities for every group to enjoy its natural beauty. This is manifested in the form of entry tickets which are classified as very cheap. The low price really pays off with the beauty and facilities that we get.

Don’t take it for granted even though the price offered is cheaper. Although the price is cheap, the Baturaden tourist area is not a cheap tourist spot. For those who like the concept of cheap tourism, visiting Baturaden Lokawisata is mandatory and must be done.

4. Complete Supporting Facilities

Another advantage of Baturaden tourism is the existence of complete and very adequate supporting facilities. Supporting facilities that are complete and well maintained will greatly affect the level of visits from tourists. This is because complete and adequate facilities will make tourists feel at home to linger.

The manager of the Baturaden Lokawisata itself is aware of this, so the supporting facilities at this location are very complete and also very adequate, therefore visitors always feel at home to linger. Even the management itself is still continuing to make improvements and construction of more complete supporting facilities.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are still several other advantages that this area has, such as:

  1. Easy access
  2. Easy transportation
  3. There are many inns around the location
  4. Friendly locals
  5. There is still a local culture that is well preserved

Those are some of the advantages of Baturaden tourism that we can know. Baturaden tourism is a very interesting natural tourism, therefore if we visit then we have an obligation to take care of it. Hopefully the information was useful.

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