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The Advantages of Ancol Tourism that You Must Know

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Indonesia is a maritime country that is very wide and full of the beauty of marine tourism. There are so many marine tourism places in Indonesia that we can visit. A place that certainly offers beauty and comfort and satisfaction we can get. One of the marine tourism found in Indonesia is Ancol Dreamland Park. The location of this tourist spot is in North Jakarta.

This location itself has become an unavoidable part of the famous cheap tourist attractions in Jakarta. The existence of this one tourist spot is indeed very pleasant to visit. Many visitors come just to visit and see Ancol. This is because there are several advantages of Ancol tourism that make tourists feel interested in coming and visiting.

Before, there was a lot of marine tourism in Indonesia, Ancol has become a pioneer of the existence of marine tourism in Indonesia. And now Ancol itself has transformed into a tourist spot that can no longer be underestimated. Its existence has become a very important symbol not only for the people of Jakarta and its surroundings but also for Indonesia in general.

Ancol itself is one of the most visited tourist attractions by foreign tourists when they visit Indonesia. In addition, Ancol is also a prime tourist destination for the people of Jakarta. There are many advantages of Ancol tourism that make it very famous and attract the hearts of visitors to come and enjoy every ride they provide. The advantages possessed by Ancol tourism itself are:

1. Affordable ticket prices

Whenever and wherever the price becomes a very important parameter to be able to attract visitors. Especially if the manager of the tourist spot has stated that the place will become a very famous location in the future. Ticket prices are not a problem for Ancol in general.

This is because the ticket price to visit Ancol is still relatively cheap and affordable for all people. In addition, this location itself also often holds many special programs related to discounted entry ticket prices. The use of special programs like that, Ancol attracts a lot of tourists to visit and spend in that place. So don’t be surprised if Ancol is also often used as a place to spend Eid holidays in Jakarta, or other Eid holiday locations.

Those who visit this location are not only from Jakarta. Ancol itself has transformed into a cheap tourist spot in Jabodetabek which is highly sought after by visitors. In fact, sometimes a lot of visitors who come from outside Jabodatebek visit this location.

The ticket price, which is not too expensive and classified as very affordable, is a special service facility that is won by the Ancol management itself. With an affordable cost, Ancol really becomes a place for people’s entertainment that can be visited by a layer of society.

2. Ancol location is very strategic

Maybe not many people know or think that the location of a tourist spot is a very important element to pay attention to. The existence of these locations will greatly affect the various kinds of joints and fiber development programs of a tourist site. Ancol itself is a special tourist location with a very strategic location. Its location, which is located in North Jakarta and directly adjacent to the Java Sea friends, is a very high selling point.

The sea is still one of the prima donna which is very important in the world of tourism in Indonesia since the first. Before many people were aware of other natural tourism potentials such as mountains and waterfalls, the first thing that was considered an attractive tourist location was the sea. So do not be surprised if Ancol is still standing today. This is because the people themselves still think that marine tourism or tourism related to the sea is very interesting to visit.

3. Complete Supporting Facilities

Ancol TourismAnother advantage of Ancol tourism is the complete supporting facilities owned by the location. The existence of complete and well-maintained supporting facilities is one of its own selling points. A tourist location that wants to develop well, it will maintain the completeness and condition of the existing supporting facilities.

The supporting facilities in the Ancol Dreamland area itself are very complete and very adequate. All supporting facilities at the location are well maintained and maintained. This also causes visitors who come to the place to feel comfortable. The convenience of visitors is something that must be considered by the manager of a tourist place. Ancol itself has many supporting facilities such as bathrooms, places of worship, parking lots.

In addition, at this location we can also find lots of unique souvenir shops related to Ancol and Jakarta. If the visitors feel hungry then visitors can just visit several places to eat that has been provided by the manager to be used by the visitors. If we talk about souvenirs, we can find lots of souvenirs in the area around Ancol, ranging from t-shirts to handicrafts.

4. Complete and Interesting Rides

Ancol TourismAfter the existing supporting facilities are maintained and have satisfactory completeness. then another advantage possessed by Ancol Tourism is the completeness of the rides it offers. Ancol itself does offer tourist rides that are very complete and very attractive to visitors to come and spend vacation time.

Because of the completeness of the tourist rides, Ancol is often used as a family tourist spot in Jakarta. In addition, this location is also famous as a children’s playground in Jakarta that should not be missed. The rides in Ancol are indeed quite complete and have a lot of diversity. All tourist rides in Ancol have different safety standards.

In addition, some of the rides are also rides that not all visitors can enjoy using. Some rides have certain age requirements to be able to use them. This is certainly a guarantee that is very relieved for the visitors. Guarantees stating that the safety of visitors is very much considered by the management of tourist attractions.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are several other advantages such as:

  1. Many hotels and inns around ancol
  2. Interesting family travel location
  3. Ease of getting transportation from and to Ancol.

So, that was the information about the advantages of tourism in Ancol that you can know. Ancol is an interesting tourist location to visit. A tourist location that will really pamper every visitor. Hopefully the information was useful.

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