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The 25 Most Alluring and Hits Prewedding Places in Bogor

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Bogor is a city that has many tourist attractions. Its existence which is not so far from the city of Jakarta also makes the city of Bogor always crowded when the holidays arrive. Many foreign tourists also come to Bogor to enjoy the atmosphere.

Because it has many tourist attractions, Bogor certainly promises to be a place to take pre-wedding photos. Are you looking for recommendations for pre-wedding places in Bogor? If so, see the following explanation for consideration.

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1. Mount Pancar

If you come to Mount Pancar, a typical pepine view will spoil your eyes. Of course, this location is suitable as a place for your pre-wedding photo with your partner. The cold temperature with a natural atmosphere is suitable for natural or outdoor concepts.

In fact, there are also many couples who have prewedding here. The concept they use is usually a simple but elegant concept.

If you want to take a pre-wedding photo there, the location is in Sentul, Bogor. Things that can be done there that can add to the concept of pre-wedding photos are hiking, camping, hot baths, and also cycling.

2. Lake Dora

Lake Dora

In the new development area of ​​the Bogor Botanical Gardens, there is a conservation lake called Lake Dora. Many people like to jog or exercise in this lake. Many couples also do pre-wedding photos around this lake.

This is one of the pre-wedding places in Bogor that is affordable from the city center. The natural impression is clearly visible from this lake. The green courtyard around the lake with a path made of wood is the main attraction of the lake.

Any concept can fit in with such a simple scene. You and your partner are free to find cool photo spots. Although still in the city, this place is still worth considering.

3. Papandayan Dead Forest

Papandayan Dead Forest

Mount Papandayan, which is located on the outskirts of Bogor, holds a lot of beauty that deserves to be immortalized. One of them is the spot of the dead forest. If you and your partner like hiking or mountain climbing, this place can be considered.

Although to reach the dead forest you both have to climb first, but the sacred feel in the dead forest of Mount Papandayan will not make you regret choosing that place.

If you choose this location for pre-wedding photos, make sure you choose a photographer who likes nature activities. And bring all the necessary mountain climbing equipment so that the climb continues safely and comfortably.

4. Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor Botanical Garden

The location of the Bogor Botanical Gardens which is in the middle of the city, plus a very large area makes this Bogor Botanical Gardens has many cool spots to be immortalized. You and your partner don’t have to bother going up the mountain or traveling far to be able to take pictures there. More practical.

Just look for the best photo spots. Concepts that can be used include picnic concepts, simple, casual, or even elegant concepts. The green grass in the botanical garden or the flowering plants in it will make your photos not in vain.

This location is perfect for you and your partner who don’t want to spend a lot of money just to get the best pre-wedding photos.

5. Gunung Mas Tea Garden, Puncak

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation, Puncak

The extensive tea gardens and green views in the courtyard make every corner of this location has its own charm to be used as a pre-wedding photo location. You and your partner can come to the Puncak area and make the location of the Gunung Mas Tea Garden as your pre-wedding photo location.

Natural nuances combined with a spacious view will make your photos look more understated. There are also several couples who have proven the beauty of this location as a place for their photos, you know.

If maybe you and your partner are interested, choose a concept that matches the existing scenery. And because the location of the photo is on the sidelines of the tea plants, choose the right footwear so that the photo process can run smoothly.

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6. Mount Bunder

Mount Bunder

Mount Bunder has many natural spots that are suitable for pre-wedding places. The location which is not far from Bogor will not make you difficult. There are many spots such as pine forests or camping ground that can be explored.

You and your partner who like outdoor activities can use this location to get the best pre-wedding photos. Just choose the concept and the spot you want. The best concept recommended is a natural concept with camping equipment.

In addition, there is also a waterfall which can also be considered as the right location for taking pre-wedding photos.

7. Cibodas Botanical Gardens

Cibodas Botanical Gardens

Having a temperature and view that is wider and more spacious than the Bogor Botanical Gardens, the Cibodas Botanical Gardens is certainly a more suitable location to be used as a pre-wedding photo spot.

There are also many couples who make this place their pre-wedding photo shoot location. Green trees and grass are suitable for those of you who like the concept of a picnic. But the elegant concept is no less interesting.

You and your partner are free to find the best spot. Just come to Cibodas Botanical Gardens on weekdays or weekdays for cleaner and quieter results.

8. Big Situ / Cifor

Big Situ / Cifor

Located in West Bogor and not far from the city center, a pre-wedding place that is also suitable for you and your partner who wants to find an outdoor location is Situ Gede. You can get a calm lake with natural lakeside views.

You can get on a boat and take the concept of fishing or just enjoying the view. You can also take a walk in the forest area for more natural photos.

The view at dusk can also add to the romance between you and your partner. Interested in making this location your choice?

9. Ciapus Temple

Ciapus Temple

If you are looking for a typical Balinese atmosphere but don’t have the money to go to Bali, you and your partner can use this Ciapus Temple as a substitute. The location is also still in the city of Bogor, you know.

This place is suitable for you and your partner who wants to be economical. There are many concepts that can be used. You can take the concept of culture or religious diversity because this temple is a Hindu temple.

You will get a typical Balinese rural atmosphere in this place with a distinctive building formation. There are also stairs leading to the temple that look very ancient like the stairs in Hindu temples which are also cool for taking photos.

10. Surya Kencana Empty Building

Surya Kencana Empty Building

If you want a more ancient and colonial atmosphere, just come to Jalan Surya Kencana. There are many rows of buildings or typical colonial buildings that are no longer used.

You and your partner can take vintage concepts or old-school concepts like retro. This location is suitable for those of you who don’t like the hassle of finding pre-wedding photo spots.

In addition, the Surya Kencana area will give a very Bogor impression into your pre-wedding photos. You don’t even have to pay to take photos around there. Even so, the photos will not disappoint.

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11. Villa Duta Mosque

Villa Duta Mosque

Having a unique and modern architectural form, this mosque deserves to be a pre-wedding place in Bogor. You and your partner can take a more minimalist theme that is adapted to the exterior of the building.

This mosque is located in East Bogor and not far from the city center. There are several pre-wedding photographer vendors who recommend this mosque as a location for taking pre-wedding photos.

However, there are still not many couples who hold pre-wedding there. Even though the shape of the building and the location is very affordable, it will not lose to other options.

12. Adem . Villa

Adem . Villa

Villa Adem has a very cool natural view. Located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, this location is quite cool and beautiful to be used as a reference for pre-wedding photos.

The location is in the Puncak area. There are many spots to consider. The best spot is from the garden area and the courtyard outside the very beautiful villa building.

There are many concepts that can be taken. The best time is at dusk or at night, because there will be more interesting places to capture.

13. Ecoartpark


Being in the Sentul area, Bogor, makes this area not so difficult to visit. This ecoartpark is actually an educational tourist area that is suitable for family vacation references.

There are many interesting spots that can be used as pre-wedding photo locations that are quite worthy to consider. Some green parks with trees and ponds that resemble lakes, or some sculptures are the right photo objects.

A suitable concept is a simple or casual concept. Or if you have another concept, it can also be applied in this place. Come on weekdays to be quieter.

14. Little Venice Peak

Little Venice Peak

Resembling the city of Venice in Italy, this location is quite cool for you and your partner who want a different atmosphere. You can take pictures on a boat with a backdrop of typical Venetian buildings.

The concept of casual or retro is suitable to be chosen in this place. You can also look for other photo spots around this area for better photo results.

There, you can take pre-wedding photos while traveling and relax for a while with your partner.

15. Nusantara Flower Garden

Archipelago Flower Garden

Cool location for great photos. Especially for pre-wedding photos. This location is perfect for you and your partner. There are lots of concepts that you can take.

Its very cool location also has lots of photo spots that you and your partner can consider. You can take pictures in the middle of the park, on the edge of the park, or under the trees around it.

Of course there are lots of couples who have proven the beauty of this place for their pre-wedding photos.

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Those are some references to pre-wedding places in Bogor. If you still want to find additional references, here is a list of locations that you might consider.

16. Sentul City Cultural Park

17. Cibaliung waterfall

18. Quarry Lake

19. Treehouse at Curug Ciherang

20. Cibodas Sakura Park

21. Giri Jaya Deer Captive

22. Mongolian Camp

23. Sindangbarang Cultural Village

24. Fly Indonesia Paragliding

25. Matahari Tourism Park

Thus the explanation of the pre-wedding place in the city of Bogor and its surroundings. Don’t forget to always choose the best location and the best concept for you and your partner.

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