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The 11 Most Romantic Places to Eat with Nature in Sentul

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Bogor again shows its existence in the many choices of tourist sites that are very attractive. As we know that Bogor is one of the cities that is the center of tourist attractions in West Java which is quite famous. There are many tourist sites located in the Bogor area. Tourist attractions in Bogor itself have many types and varieties that differ from one another. That’s why there are so many tourists who feel at home to visit and enjoy the various tours in Bogor.

Bogor itself is a location that has been blessed with amazing natural beauty. There are many favorite places in Bogor which are famous tourist centers, such as the Puncak area and the Sentul area. These two areas are very famous as tourist centers in Bogor. Sentul area is one area that is quite interesting to visit. There are many tourist attractions in Sentul that will attract our attention. One of them is culinary tourism. We can explore several places to eat with natural nuances in Sentul which will certainly be very interesting.

Culinary is indeed one of the selling points owned by the Bogor area. there are so many places to eat with natural nuances in Bogor that we can visit. Of the many locations, some of these places to eat are in the Sentul area. An area that can certainly make us feel at home, this is because the Sentul area has a lot of tourist sites. Especially some interesting natural tourist sites. Some tourist sites in Sentul such as the Angel Waterfall, then Sentul Hot Springs.

In addition to natural tourist sites, Sentul is indeed one of the tourist destinations for those in the area around Bogor. On Sundays or national holidays, Sentul will always be filled with tourists who want to visit and feel the atmosphere of Sentul. This time we will discuss some places to eat that have a natural feel in Sentul. Some of these places to eat are

1. Ah Poong Floating Market

The first place we will discuss is Ah Poong, a place to eat that almost all Bogor people know, especially those in the Sentul area. It would be outrageous if those living in Sentul did not recognize this one place.

This place itself has become an icon of the Sentul area that cannot be denied. Many tourists who come to Sentul will definitely take the time to just come and enjoy the food there. Ah poong itself is a place to eat that carries an open concept and is very suitable for a family vacation spot.

This location itself has become one of the cheap family tourist attractions in Bogor. if we visit this location then we will be treated to a lot of views which will certainly be very pleasant. This location itself in addition to offering food, also offers various facilities that can be used to play and vacation with family. If we talk about food then there is definitely no need to doubt it. This location has a row of places to eat that have a taste that is certainly delicious.

For those who like culinary activities, this location is a location that is very fitting and satisfies us for sure. We can find various types of modern food to various types of traditional food that we may rarely encounter. In addition, we can also find some food that comes from abroad.

2. Kampoeng Koneng

Kampoeng KonengAnother place to eat with natural nuances in Sentul that we must visit. This location itself is a place that does serve a lot of Indonesian cuisine menus, even so the food menu may be a bit more dominated by Sundanese food menus.

But this does not make the food menu that does not come from Sunda have a less delicious taste. All the cuisine menus at this location can be guaranteed enjoyment, which certainly will not doubt. Here we can find a variety of seafood menus to other meat menus. All the menus served will make us satisfied and full of course. Especially if we eat while enjoying the beautiful scenery and very comfortable atmosphere.

For those who come from outside the city of Bogor who really like the natural scenery that is very calm, then this location is one of the places that are very mandatory to visit. If we visit, we will be greeted with the huts provided, then lined with trees and a very comfortable and exciting atmosphere. Don’t forget to stop by for a moment if you are in the Sentul area or are planning to head to Sentul.

3. Giuiliani Pizza

Enjoying foreign food menus is certainly not a strange thing at this time. One of the foreign specialties that is quite famous in Indonesia is Pizza. Lots of Italian restaurants are currently opening branches in Indonesia. One of the places in Bogor that offers pizza with a taste that is close to the taste of Italian pizza is Giuiliani Pizza, a place that many people might not know about.

This is because the location of this one place is quite hidden and the place is not too big. If we visit this location then we will find very delicious pizza. Moreover, we can enjoy the pizza accompanied by a very beautiful and comfortable atmosphere from the trees around the place.

4. Resto Villa Aman D’sini

This one place is one of the places to eat that is quite unique and interesting. It can even be said that it may be the only concept of a place to eat in Bogor. This location is unique because the restaurant is right inside the villa. And this place is also a villa that is one with the restaurant. So don’t be surprised if visitors who come here are very comfortable because they are treated to food that certainly has a very delicious taste. Besides being treated to delicious food, visitors are also treated to beautiful and interesting natural scenery. Natural scenery that shows the beauty of Mount Salak.

Apart from the places to eat mentioned above, there are several other places to eat with natural nuances in Sentul, such as

  1. Shady garden restaurant
  2. Popolo Sentul
  3. Karimata Restaurant
  4. Sentul Cultural Park
  5. Aurora mansion
  6. Mang kabayan Sentul City
  7. Grilled fish restaurant with haur seasoning

Those were some places to eat with natural nuances in Sentul that you can visit. At the place to eat, we can enjoy a delicious food menu while enjoying its natural beauty which is very enchanting. Hopefully the information was useful.

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