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The 10 Best Glass Hotels in the World Offer Wow Sky View!

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Hotel is an accommodation that offers a place to stay. Like homes, hotels are also very well designed to protect us from various elements of the outside world. However, a number of the best glass hotels in the world actually offer rooms that are connected to the outside world, so that visitors who stay can enjoy the natural panorama around the hotel without having to leave the room. The hotel is often called the glass hotel or Glass hotel. Well, for those of you who want to try the sensation of staying at a glass hotel, here are the recommendations for the best glass hotel in the world

1. Panorama Glass Lodge, Iceland

The first glass hotel in the world you can find in Iceland. This hotel is quite often used as a destination for tourists to stay in Iceland because of the extraordinary scenery.

Located only two hours from Rykjavik, this hotel is covered by glass panels that allow you to see the beautiful scenery around from inside your room. The room facilities offered are no less comfortable, such as bathrooms, hot tubes and kitchens. The views offered are also extraordinary, from your room you can see the beautiful snowy mountains, the stars at night to the Aurora Borealis without having to feel cold.


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2. Star Arctic Hotel, Finland

star arctic hotel finland

You can find the next best glass hotel in the world in Finland. This hotel is called the Star Arctic Hotel, which offers a glass-roofed cabin called the Aurora Glass Cabin.

Star Arctic Hotel is a Scandinavian-style hotel located on the top of Mount Kaunispaa, Finland. This hotel is a favorite hotel for tourists in winter because of the extraordinary view. By staying in a glass-roofed cabin, you can certainly enjoy the beautiful scenery around the hotel without having to leave your room. Like seeing the stars and the Aurora Borealis. In this glass cabin you will also get a variety of comfortable facilities, such as a bed, bathroom and storage area.

3. Treehotel, Sweden

treehotel sweden

Sweden also has one of the best glass hotels in the world that you shouldn’t miss. This hotel is named Treehotel which is not far from Stockholm, precisely in the Lulea area.

Treehotel offers glass cabin named 7th Rooms. This room offers ceiling-to-ceiling windows and a terrace, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. The view offered by this Treehotel is a dense and calm pine forest, so you can stay in a calm atmosphere and can see the green of the pine forest. In winter, you can enjoy the beautiful Aurora Borealis through the glass of the room.

4. The Muraka, Maldives

the muraka maldives

For those of you who like sea views, it is mandatory to stay at one of the best glass hotels in the world on this one. Called The Muraka, this hotel is in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives.

The Muraka has a dome-shaped underwater bedroom made of acrylic. This dome sits about 16 feet under the Indian Ocean and offers stunning underwater views without having to dive. Not only that, this hotel also has the world’s first underwater restaurant where you can eat food against a backdrop of swaying coral reefs.

5. Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

skylodge adventure suites peru

The best glass hotel in the world, this one is indeed quite challenging. Located in the Sacred Valley in Peru, this Skylodge Adventure Suites offers incredible views but it’s also a struggle to get there.

This hotel room is hanging from the cliffs and you have to climb a cliff as high as 400 meters to get to the room. But of course it is comparable to the view that you will get. You can sleep in a capsule hotel with glass that allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of the Sacred Valley from your bed.

6. PurePods, New Zealand


You can find the following best glass hotels in the world in New Zealand. PurePods are set in the wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island offering beautiful views from their rooms.

PurePods have six pods spread across the wilderness, most of which are made of glass. Interestingly, from one pod to another you have to walk through the bushes which takes 10-15 minutes, this is to ensure the privacy of visitors in each pod. You also don’t need to worry if you are going to stay here, because the privacy is quite guaranteed, especially the views of the typical New Zealand wilderness that will accompany your sleep.

7. Off-Grid it House, California

Off-Grid it House

This best glass hotel in the world is located in a remote valley in southern California. This glass hotel is known as the Off-Grid it House and is 3 hours from the city of Los Angeles.

Off-Grid it House offers spectacular views of the valley and desert. You can enjoy this beautiful view from the room. This hotel is dominated by large windows so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to leave the room. What’s more special, this hotel fully relies on solar energy to minimize the negative impact on the surrounding desert.

Therefore, this hotel does not have air conditioning. Instead, the windows in this hotel are designed to be easily opened and closed to let fresh air in. Not only that, this glass hotel also does not have a TV and there is only satellite wifi for emergencies, so you will feel as if you are in the wild without any electronics.

8. Kingston Treehouse, South Africa

  Kingston Treehouse

The Kingston Treehouse is also one of the best glass hotels in the world that you should not miss. Located in the Lion Sands Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa, this hotel is a safari-style hotel made of wood and glass.

Staying here will certainly allow you to easily enjoy the beautiful safari scenery around it. During the day, you can see large animals passing around the hotel, then at night you can light a lantern while occasionally hearing the sound of elephants with stars in the sky.

9. Glass House Monferatto, Italy

glass house monferrato italy

The next best glass hotel in the world is the Glass House Monferatto. This hotel is located on a hilltop not far from the city of Milan, precisely in Monferrato which is very famous as a wine producer.

Glass Hotel Monferrato has a stylish architecture that combines classic Italian and modern styles. The hotel features elegant rooms with glass walls that blur the line between the outdoors and the indoor. Of course this makes this hotel get quite warm sunlight coupled with extraordinary views.

The facilities offered are also quite complete, ranging from comfortable bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms to the living room. While outdoors, there is a terrace, a small garden with views of the meadow and a Jacuzzi.

10. The Wonderinn Mirrored Glass House, Norway

The Wonderinn Mirrored Glass House

The last best glass hotel in the world is called The Wonderinn Mirrored Glass House. This glass hotel is not far from the Norwegian capital, Oslo, which is only half an hour’s drive from there.

The views offered by this glass hotel are no less spectacular than other glass hotels. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view of Nordre Oyeren which is the confluence of the Glomma River and the Nitelva River only from behind the glass. Those of you who like outdoor activities can also do various interesting activities here, such as fishing, hiking, boat riding and canoeing.

The facilities at this hotel are also very complete. You will get a comfortable bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and there is a wooden cottage separate from the main house. This hotel is perfect for those of you who like natural scenery with a variety of wildlife that live there.

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