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Thanks to Zendaya, this woman who was ridiculed on social media has even become a model

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Don’t mock someone’s physique again.

body shaming or mocking someone’s body shape is something that, although bad, is often done by many people. Not only in the real world, the virtual world is often enlivened by ‘talk’ about a person’s physical.

As recently happened on Twitter. One of its users has just uploaded a status commenting on the posting of a photo of a woman with a slightly sexy pose. “Never trust a top half posting ass female.” he wrote. It seems tweets this is read by Zendaya. Not staying silent, Zendaya immediately responded.

Not only that, Zendaya immediately recruited a woman with an account name @_illestCee become a model for her fashion line.

After tweets uploaded by Zendaya, the body shamer immediately delete tweetshis. Meanwhile, the victim seemed happy with Zendaya’s defense. “I’m really speechless right now because becoming a plus size model has been my number one goal.” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Instagram: @_illestcee

You go girl!

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