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Terrible, MMA Fighter’s Head Torn 17 stitches Hit by Octagon Wire

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Friday, 18 February 2022 – 14:00 WIB

VIVA – An MMA fighter in the United States has suffered a horrific head injury after colliding with an octagon bracket wire that allegedly fell off during a fight that took place last weekend.

Reported by, Hunter Boone suffered an injury in a featherweight duel with Jordan Brown at the Martial Combat League (MCL) event. Boone was brought down by Brown early in the duel and hit his head with a loose octagon wire.

This incident resulted in major injuries to his head. It took 17 stitches to close the wound. MyMMANews has been in contact with Boone, who is said to have recovered after being hospitalized.

Boone coach Jason Greer, who was in the corner of the octagon in the fight, explained how the injury occurred. “A few seconds after the bell rang, Hunter and his opponent circled into the cage,” Greer said.

“His opponent tried to lunge and when they hit the fence, Hunter’s head hit the octagon resulting in Hunter suffering a 20cm wound to the front of the head from left to right, to the right and to the back.”

“It knocked him unconscious right away. But he regained consciousness before he fell to the floor. I didn’t know at the time what happened after the referee stopped the fight and immediately called the doctor.”

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