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The committee for the 2021 Viddsee Juree Awards Indonesia today officially announced the ten finalist films that have passed the selection.

The films will compete for the Gold and Silver Award, as well as the Viddsee Filmmaker Gold and Silver Kit sponsored by the Motion Picture Association.

This year, the Viddsee Juree Awards Indonesia is entering its 5th year since being held in 2016. The Viddsee Juree Awards is an annual film festival that celebrates and awards the best short films from Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Every year, brilliantly talented storytellers from every country submit their films to be selected and judged by a panel of international judges who are qualified in their fields.

The finalists of this year’s Viddsee Juree Awards Indonesia raised various issues, ranging from the environment, economy, social, pandemic, and women, which were delivered in an interesting way and came from various cities in Indonesia. Arie Kartikasari, Viddsee’s Community Manager for Indonesia, expressed his joy at the diversity of films this year. “We are very excited because we receive films that are geographically spread from all over Indonesia. There are a lot of new names, which means there is an opportunity to introduce new and potential filmmakers, as well as the local stories and issues they raise to audiences.”

The number of films registered to the Viddsee Juree this year is greater than last year. The pandemic situation, which is entering its second year and has not yet subsided, does not prevent short film makers from continuing to work. Ho Jia Jian, founder of Viddsee said, “There are quite a lot of films being made during the pandemic. This proves our belief that even if it’s not easy, filmmakers will find a way to keep producing films.”

This is the second year the Viddsee Juree Awards have been held online, complete with film screenings and virtual discussions. A series of online programs such as podcast discussions and Storytelling Club, a webinar program that invites film practitioners, will also be held until the announcement of the winner of the 2021 Viddsee Juree on December 3, 2021. All series of events will be broadcast on the Viddsee channel. Keep an eye on Viddsee’s social media accounts for the latest information regarding the Viddsee program


A Half Mature of Egg

Director : Reni Aprilia

Synopsis: Anisa, a teenage girl who is trying to find a solution to the problem of an unwanted pregnancy.


Boxes of Men and the sea

Director : Decky Putra

Synopsis : As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has more than 18,000 islands and a sea area of ​​7.9 million square kilometers. However, only a few of the population are familiar with the sea. Decky never sailed even though he had lived 20 years on the coast. On this trip, Decky must deliver orders to a grocery store in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Dreadlocks cinemags


Director : Sidiq Ariyadi

Synopsis: Sutrisno is a farmer who struggles with the economy, especially when he has to undergo the ritual of cutting his son’s dreadlocks which he has to pay for with a female cow.

In the Middle of the Pandemic cinemags

in the Middle of the Pandemic (House Behind the House)

Director : Indra Hermawan

Synopsis: In the midst of an uncertain pandemic situation, there are many hoaxes and news that scare the public. Nono has to deal with difficult situations beyond his control.

Jambrong & Gondrong cinemags

Jambrong & Longish

Director : Monica Wijaya

Synopsis: Babeh Jambrong, a parking attendant, lost his money because of his own carelessness. He accused Bang Gondrong of taking the money for no apparent reason. Bang Gondrong did not accept it and argued with Babe Jambrong.

Cinemags lottery


Director : Arfi Sn

Synopsis: Euis and Kemed are poor, trying to change their fate by participating in lottery and quiz shows on television every day. Every night, the two of them sat in front of the television to see if his fate would really change.

Message in the Money

Message in the Money (On a Message)

Director : Iradat Ungkai Megah

Synopsis: Wawan gets pressure from his mother to get married soon. Unfortunately, he was too shy and lousy to just get to know women. One day he found a note with a cellphone number and a message from a woman named Susi.

One Place Different Space

One Place Different Space (Balalek)

Director : Haris Supiandi

Synopsis: Pak Loji, a Tuhatahunt – a traditional leader and ritual leader of the Dayak tribe, is suspected of being the cause of forest and land fires in western Kalimantan. Sandak, his son who is a soldier, is forced to accompany Mr. Loji who will be picked up by the police. Both are involved in tension in the difference in space.

The Lottery Seer

The Lottery Seer

Director : Bernadeta Konsisoptiani

Synopsis : Reading was a rare skill in rural Java in the 1980s. Herman is a little boy who is good at reading. His abilities are even used by irresponsible people.

The World is Me cinemags

The World is Me (One)

Director : Aditia Santosa

Synopsis: Supri is a fisherman who finds a woman’s corpse with full of stab wounds. He was confused not knowing what to do.

The ten finalist films (to be judged by Sebastien Simon (Busan International Short Film Festival Programmer), Linh Duong (Vietnamese film director), and Ahsan Adrian (Indonesian film editor).

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