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Telkomsel Prepaid Numbers That Have Been Scorched Can Be Reactivated

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As the adoption of digital technology accelerates during the pandemic, the use of cellular service access has become one of the most important needs of the community. This aims to get a more complete and excellent digital connectivity experience.

In order to make it easier for the community to face the challenges of limited mobility during the pandemic and must optimize the use of digital technology for activities from home, now customers can do the reactivation (reactivating) Telkomsel Prepaid numbers that have been scorched/expired.

The trick is to use self-service through UMB access *888*89#, from anywhere and anytime. Telkomsel also understands that mobile phone numbers are currently not only used as user contact identities, but also their use has been growing for the integration needs of various digital services.

Therefore, it is important for Telkomsel to be able to provide added value to the after-sales service access experience that makes it easier for customers, such as self-service through UMB that can be done by customers directly from their cellphones, with a fast verification process and reducing the potential for customer mobility.

As said by Adiwinahyu Basuki Sigit, Director of Sales at Telkomsel, that listening to customer input is always a priority for Telkomsel in implementing customer-centric principles in every service innovation. One of them is to open the service to reactivate the Telkomsel Prepaid number which is burned/expired.

“Bringing easy access to self-service UMB *888*89# for the reactivation of Telkomsel Prepaid numbers is also our effort to always understand and get closer to the conditions of customers in every phase of life, especially during the pandemic that is still ongoing today,” explained Sigit.

This number reactivation service can be enjoyed by Telkomsel Prepaid customers whose number has expired because they did not top up or purchase packages during the grace period, and it has passed a maximum of 60 days from the last date of the grace period.

Several things that customers need to prepare for the reactivation process of Telkomsel Prepaid numbers include the KTP (NIK) and Family Card numbers previously registered on the customer’s prepaid number, as well as the physical Telkomsel Prepaid SIM card that they want to reactivate.

In addition to using the UMB self-service service *888*89#, Telkomsel Prepaid customers who want to get further solutions for number reactivation assistance, can also contact via the direct message (DM) feature of the e-care service on the Twitter @telkomsel social media account, or visit directly to the nearest GraPARI service.

Sigit added that the service solution for reactivation of expired numbers is also a tangible manifestation of Telkomsel to appreciate the loyalty of more than 168 million loyal customers of Telkomsel Prepaid services. Telkomsel also noted that the digital activities of Telkomsel Prepaid customers are becoming more productive.

“The increase in the use of Telkomsel Prepaid customer data services is approximately 53 percent, after reactivating expired numbers. Telkomsel will also continue to present product innovations and excellent after-sales service solutions, which are more relevant to the increasingly dynamic needs of customers,” concluded Sigit.

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