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Telkomsel Holds #InternetBAIK Festival

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The #InternetBAIK campaign initiative as one of Telkomsel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs continues to strengthen its role in building the nation’s character as internet users in a GOOD (Responsible, Safe, Inspirational and Creative) way.

This effort is now reaffirmed by presenting a campaign with the theme of Good Internet starting with #InternetBAIK by holding a series of InternetBAIK Festival activities for the first time in collaboration with Siberkreasi (National Digital Literacy Movement) and (parenting question and answer platform).

The InternetBAIK Festival consists of seven series of webinars that take place every month from January to July 2022. This series begins with a webinar with the theme “Relationships Get Stickier, Even Children Play the Internet” which takes place on Friday (28/1).

As explained by Denny Abidin, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Telkomsel, that the internet continues to grow rapidly and is now very close to children in line with the increasing adoption of digital lifestyles for various needs. Of course, this has become a challenge for parents.

“Through this series of InternetBAIK Festivals, we seek to involve the role of parents to be further and more active in controlling, directing, and guiding children as the nation’s next generation who can use the internet positively to increase productivity and creativity,” explained Denny.

The series of InternetBAIK Festivals began with a webinar with the theme “Relationships Get Stickier, Even though Children Play the Internet”. The theme was chosen as an effort to increase the understanding of parents in using the internet to establish emotional closeness.

In this series of activities there are also various themes with a focus on discussing how to guide children not to overdo online games, optimize the use of the internet to support children’s creativity, maintain closeness with children who are actively accessing the internet.

There is also a discussion about content creators as one of the promising professions in the digital era, to guiding children to remain obedient even though they are active in cyberspace. This series of webinars can be followed by registering at

In addition to presenting a series of webinar festivals, Telkomsel has also presented the InternetBAIK application which can be used by all parents to increase their knowledge through a variety of required materials, either in the form of modules, podcasts, or short videos.

The InternetBAIK application will also be equipped with a feature called #InternetBAIK Heroes. This feature is presented to encourage the widespread use of internet applications from both users, where each user of the #InternetBAIK application will be provided with a special link in each profile.

In addition, every link used will be counted as points that can be used to redeem attractive door prizes. The InternetBAIK application can be downloaded directly on Google Play or accessed via a browser at

Building the younger generation to become good internet users is an important foundation in strengthening an inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem in Indonesia. Since being active in 2016, the #InternetBAIK program has educated thousands of parents and the general public in dozens of cities and schools.

“As a leading digital telco, Telkomsel is not only responsible for building an inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem in Indonesia, but also how to build awareness of positive and productive internet use by increasing the understanding of parents and educators,” concluded Denny.

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