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Take a peek at the beauty of this hidden beach in a cave in Mexico

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The beach is indeed a favorite tourist destination for many people. The beauty of the clear sea water and the soft sand around the beach is guaranteed to make our minds more refreshed.

Especially if the beach is hidden in a cave which of course has a very stunning view. Like a beach called Playa Del Amor which is on Islas Marietas off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The beach is in a cave of very beautiful coral reefs. The beach is still very natural and looks very beautiful because it is located quite far and has not been touched by humans for a long time. However, in recent years the beach has become the main destination for local and foreign tourists.

Its location, which is quite hidden, used to make the country’s government make it a land for war games. Because in World War I, the Mexican government used the island as a target for bombing drills. So the hole above the beach was formed by a bomb.

When seen from above, the beach looks like it is surrounded by islands, so how do we get there? So when you want to go to a unique beach, you really have to spend quite a lot of energy Teens.

Because you have to swim through a small tunnel that connects from the high seas to the hidden beach. The tunnel can only be passed by swimming Teens, so can’t use the ship boat or other transportation.

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dock. Special

Although it takes a lot of effort to achieve it, but when you get to the beach it is guaranteed that your tiredness will pay off. The water on the beach was warm and the sand was very soft. Around it are also many coral reefs that will tempt you to snorkeling all day.

Currently Playa Del Amor beach is included in a national park since 2005 so that this place will always be protected. So when you go there it is impossible to see a beach that is not beautiful and clean.

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Who is interested in going to the unique Playa Del Amor beach? Teens?

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