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Synopsis of Tracer, a Drakor that Discusses Issues About the World of Taxation

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After last starring in the drama Run On in 2020, Im Si Wan is ready to greet fans by returning to acting in the Tracer series. Besides him, there are Son Hyun Joo, Go Ah Sung, and Park Yong Woo.

This drama is a reunion for Si Wan and Ah Sung, who previously had a project in the film A Melody to Remember. Tracer will be directed by director Lee Seung Young, who has produced various popular dramas such as Voice 2 and Missing Noir M.

Meanwhile, the script was written by drama writer Who Are You: School 2015, Kim Hyun Jung.

Tracer Synopsis:

Tracer is a drama about the 5 taxation team who for some are considered scarier than judges and prosecutors. Im Siwan plays Hwang Dong Joo, the new team manager of the Seoul Regional Office’s Investigation Bureau. Prior to becoming the team manager of the Seoul Regional Office’s Bureau of Investigation, he was the industry’s top accountant who managed the secret funds of large corporations.

Go Ah Sung plays Seo Hye Young, a fellow team member at the Seoul Regional Office who is not afraid to face the cowardly world head-on. Hye Young who leads the team is more active than anyone with her extraordinary intuition and investigative skills. He will also team up with team leader Dong Joo to chase the illicit money.

Son Hyun Joo will be playing In Tae Joon, the commissioner of the Seoul Regional Office who dreams of becoming something bigger.

Park Yong Woo will play Oh Young, who once worked at the National Tax Service, but is now a section chief who doesn’t believe in doing any work. Oh Young will also clash with team leader Hwang Dong Joo and change in the process.

The drama contains 16 episodes and will air its premiere episode on January 7, 2022 on MBC. You can also watch the tracer on the Wavve streaming platform.

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