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Synopsis of the film Cadet 1947 – Cinemags

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Cadet 1947 is an Indonesian heroic drama film directed and written by Rahabi Mandra and Aldo Swasta.

This film is produced by production house Temata & celerina production, supported by Legacy Pictures and Screenplay Films.

This film was inspired by the events of the first air raid mission of the Indonesian Air Force, which was carried out by cadets (prospective Air Force pilots) to the Dutch defense headquarters in Semarang, Salatiga and Ambarawa on 29 July 1947.

The 2 minute 22 second trailer further reveals the plot of the story.

In the first 20 seconds, Cadet Adji (Martino Lio) throws a pretty striking dialogue to Cadet Har (Omara Esteghlal) while hoeing

Aren’t our parents crying? They must think we’re flying a plane!“.

As if showing the irony, when their noble ideals to become pilots are not so easily realized.

For information, the time setting in 1947 is two years after the independence of Indonesia. The struggle of this nation is not over, because in that year the Allied troops (Dutch and British) returned to Indonesia. At the same time, there was a group of cadets (students) who were studying at Maguwo, a flight school belonging to the Indonesian Air Force.

Towards the middle of the trailer, air commodore Adisutjipto (Andri Mashadi) announced that the war situation had begun.

Then the audience will be led to tension after tension, when explosions of attack begin to appear, and the cadets begin to act behind the cockpit of the plane.

Then moving to the end of the trailer, there is a scene of Sigit (Bisma Karisma) and Asih (Givina Lukita) embracing dramatically in the middle of the rubble of the building, showing the other side behind the battlefield, namely a love story.

In addition, there is a trailer for the original soundtrack “Bakti” which was created by Melly Goeslaw and sung by Anneth, performed in a cinematic way.

In this trailer, the audience can begin to feel the excitement of the relationship between the characters. You can see how they interact, their motivations, and who is the potential conflict here. There were messages from national heroes that ignited the spirit of young people at that time, and are still relevant to the reality today.” explained the director and scriptwriter of the 1947 Cadet Rahabi Mandra.

Meanwhile, 1947 Cadet Producer Celerina Judisari revealed the reason behind the broadcast schedule “We chose November 25 as the right timing to see the public’s interest and readiness to return to the cinema. In addition, in November there is also Heroes’ Day, the more fitting the momentum for the heroic films that we packaged as pop like Cadet 1947 to be present in the community.”


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