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Synopsis of The Cursed, a Terrifying Korean Drama Written by the Director of Train to Busan | Eyes

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Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)
Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama) – One of the gripping Korean dramas that thriller fans must watch is The Cursed. That’s why the synopsis of The Cursed below is a must for you because the drama will air on Netflix in March.

The Cursed actually premiered on tvN on February 10 to March 17, 2020. The drama, starring Uhm Ji Won, Jeong Ji So, Sung Dong Il, and Jo Min Soo, won a fairly high rating on tvN of up to 6.7 percent for the episode. the last one.

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@umjeewon)

So, are you curious about the drama that will air on Netflix on March 18, 2022? The full synopsis of The Cursed is below quoted from Soompi and other sources. Read before watching!

Synopsis of The Cursed

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)

The Cursed is a 12-episode mystery thriller drama that tells the story of Lim Jin Hee (Uhm Ji Won), a reporter who has a strong sense of justice. He struggles to uncover the truth behind the biggest IT company named Forest.

On his way, he meets a girl named So Jin (Jeong Ji So). She was no ordinary girl as she possessed strong superhuman skills and had the ability to curse. The two of them struggle against injustice together.

This drama really stole the public’s attention because Yeon Sang Ho wrote the script. Yeon Sang Ho is the director of the hit film Train to Busan which reached 11 million viewers. Yeon Sang Ho also wrote Hellbound which was a huge hit on Netflix.

The Cursed cast

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Uhm Ji Won plays Lim Jin Hee, a reporter who fights for justice. He investigates an attack case at the largest IT company named Forest because he has a bad feeling with a suspicious subsidiary.

Lim Jin Hee has righteous beliefs and a strong desire to report the case. He also has to deal with the leader of the Forest, Jin Jong Hyun (Sung Dong Il) who turns out to believe in shamanic practices.

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Sung Dong Il undergoes a drastic transformation as Jin Jong Hyun, the chairman of IT company Forest. Jin Jong Hyun turned out to rely on shamanism in running his business.

Sung Dong Il has been known for often playing the role of a gentle and loving father. His new role as a strong evil character in this drama is certainly worth anticipating.

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Jo Min Soo plays Jin Kyung, the head of a subsidiary company Forest, which is a spiritual consulting company. This company initially sparked Lim Jin Hee’s suspicion to investigate.

Jo Min Soo has shown strong performances in The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion and Pieta. His deep acting in The Cursed inevitably makes the public curious.

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Jeong Ji So plays So Jin, a girl who has the ability to curse someone to death using their name, picture, and personal items. He and Lim Jin Hee (Uhm Ji Won) will work together to fight the horrific crime hidden behind a large IT company.

Reasons to Watch The Cursed

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)

The Cursed received high ratings and was worked on by a talented director and writer making this drama worth watching. The Cursed is the first drama for writer Yeon Sang Ho, who directed the 2016 hit zombie film Train to Busan. The director of this drama is led by Kim Yong Wan who directed the 2018 film Champion.

Apart from being a talented director, Yeon Sang Ho is also a great screenwriter. His latest work in the drama world is the hit Netflix Hellbound. He also wrote the films Peninsula and The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey.

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Moreover, this drama also stars Uhm Ji Won who has shown off his detailed acting skills in the drama Spring Turns to Spring, as well as the film The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale, Master and Missing. Uhm Ji Won’s latest drama after The Cursed is Birthcare Center and Cruel Intern.

Sung Dong Il no longer needs to doubt his acting skills. She has acted in dramas and films since 2001. Her prominent roles can be seen in the Reply series, Prison Playbook, Miss Hammurabi, Jirisan, Ghost Doctor and others.

Synopsis The Cursed (Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Jeong Ji So who starred in Parasite is also worth anticipating his acting in The Cursed. This 1999-born actor has solid acting skills and can be seen in the dramas Imitation and Doom at Your Service.

So, that’s the synopsis of The Cursed, which will air on Netflix on March 18, 2022. There’s no reason to miss this drama, which premiered in 2020, if you’re a fan of Hellbound and Train to Busan. Don’t forget to watch it!

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