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Sweet Jeruk Waterfalls, German Nature Vacation On the Slopes of Mount Rinjani

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Vacation Directory – Jeruk Manis Waterfall in West Nusa Tenggara. The position of Jeruk Manis Waterfall is on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. A legendary mountain among nature enthusiasts.

Sweet Jeruk Waterfalls, German Nature Vacation On the Slopes of Mount Rinjani

Jeruk Manis Waterfall is part of the hidden treasure that is being revealed to Rinjani. The treasure can then be tasted by several people.

History of Jeruk Manis Waterfall West Nusa Tenggara

Jeruk Manis Waterfall was first discovered in 1983 by a local resident whose name was Mr. Muis.

After that, start continuously for the Jeruk Manis Waterfall to be tidied up to become a natural tourist attraction on the slopes of Mount Rinjani.

The arrangement is really not maximized, such as the king’s lane, and the variety of services and facilities that are served.

Even so, the natural value of Jeruk Manis Waterfall can amaze the eyes of tourists to come to this place.

However, unfortunately, for those who have visited the Jeruk Manis Waterfall before the Lombok earthquake took place, there will be lots of monkeys in the crossing lane.

In addition, in the pool in particular, many visitors can bathe and swim. However, at this time of the earthquake, the monkey community was shrinking.

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And the swimming vacation work was gone, because the main pool was gone, crushed by the cliff slide above the Jeruk Manis Waterfall.

The former is still the same. Almost the same situation with the previous Lombok earthquake took place.

Trail to Sweet Jeruk Waterfall

Visitors who want to come to the Jeruk Manis Waterfall vacation position can use a car or motorbike. The road situation is also quite good.

Trail to Sweet Jeruk Waterfall

Vehicles can only reach the parking position. Because to get to the core position of Jeruk Manis Waterfall, many visitors have to do trekking.

At the core gate of the Jeruk Manis Waterfall tourist attraction, Mount Rinjani National Park is registered. Because the position of the location as part of the Mount Rinjani National Park.

If the position of a position as a National Park, it becomes clear that the ecosystem in that location is so protected. It is not surprising that before the earthquake took place, so many monkeys “rebuked” many visitors.

The trajectory from the parking lot to Jeruk Manis Waterfall is quite far. The distance is about 1.5 km. The column has been made, but is still made of face stone with kansteen attached to the edges.

The lane is wide enough, and along the way it is filled with leaves falling from the trees around it.

The trajectory to Jeruk Manis Waterfall is not very extreme. And if you’re lucky, you’ll meet a herd of monkeys hanging from a tree, or in the king’s lane.

The last trail is exploring the descent, and at that point, many visitors must be careful because it is a little slippery. Even at that point, you can see the view of Jeruk Manis Waterfall.

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Just a moment back you will arrive at the core position of Jeruk Manis Waterfall. And you will see a waterfall that is quite high, with the sweetest natural views.

The allure of the Beauty of Sweet Jeruk Waterfall

If you come to East Lombok, after that there are residents in the area who take trips to Germany, so you don’t have to worry about having to provide administrative requirements abroad.

Because the German meaning for the people of East Lombok is short for Jeruk Manis Waterfall. Charming and antique right?

So the meaning of Germany is not a country that exists in Europe, but a beautiful waterfall located on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, namely Jeruk Manis Waterfall.

Jeruk Manis Waterfall has a height of 30 meters. The water current that goes down is not too heavy, but the water is very clear and cold.

During the earthquake, the pool is now gone. So that many visitors can only do holiday activities playing water, or bathing under a waterfall, and photo hunting.

The natural charm of the surrounding is very beautiful, starting from the tough rock cliffs, and the green moss and plants around the cliffs, adding to the beautiful conditions.

The view in front of the waterfall is a river that is monopolized by large rocks. The best trip to the Jeruk Manis Waterfall tourist attraction is not at the peak of the rainy season.

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Feel the impression of a German nature vacation on the slopes of Mount Rinjani with 1 cup of hot coffee. But visitors must bring their own supplies, right… Because in the core position, and along the lane there are no stalls selling.

Position and Address of Jeruk Manis Waterfall
Position and Address of Jeruk Manis Waterfall

The position of Jeruk Manis Waterfall is on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. The address for Jeruk Manis Waterfall is in Kembang Kuning Village, Sikur District, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Route to Sweet Jeruk Waterfall

The route to reach the Jeruk Manis Waterfall tourist attraction must use a personal vehicle, or rental. Because from there it is not ready for public transportation.

If your journey begins in Mataram, then the distance is about 50 km. And the travel time can be up to 2 hours away.

The first direction from Mataram to the Cakranegara region. After that continue to the Narmada area, and Sedau. After that, continue to Exg, Kopang, and Sikur.

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After entering the Masbagik area, in a moment you will enter the Kembang Kuning Village where the Jeruk Manis Waterfall is located.

From the parking position, continue by way of the trailking along the 1.5 km.

Sweet Orange Waterfall Entrance Ticket Prices

The entrance ticket price for Jeruk Manis Waterfall is:

* Rp. 5,000 Weekdays

* Rp. 7,500 Weekends

* Rp. 1000 Insurance

Jeruk Manis Waterfall Operating Hours

* Jeruk Manis Waterfall operating hours are open from 07.00 to 17.00.

* Jeruk Manis Waterfall is open from Monday to Sunday.


There are no lodges at the Jeruk Manis Waterfall tourist attraction. Because of its position with the status of a National Park.

This is complete news regarding the Jeruk Manis Waterfall aka Germany on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. For visitors who attend, continue to follow the health and safety procedures that have been determined by the government and the management faction.[]

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