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Suzy Targeted to Star in New Netflix Drama directed by CLOY

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After the success of Start-Up, Suzy is reportedly ready to return to the small screen. He got an offer to play in the latest Netflix drama entitled The Girl Downstairs.

According to reports from a number of South Korean media, Suzy will play the main character in the drama. Regarding this, the management also spoke up.

Management SOOP recently released a statement regarding the news that Suzy was targeted to star in The Girl Downstairs. His party confirmed that the actress had received an offer to star in the drama, but had yet to give any decision.

“Suzy is currently reviewing offers to star in the Netflix series The Girl Downstairs,” said Management SOOP.

Suzy was offered the role of the main character named Lee Du Na. He is the main vocalist of the group Dream Sweet who one day decided to retire.

Lee Du Na is said to be a Minsong University student and majoring in Theater and Film. She is an unpredictable figure who has a beautiful face and a unique aura.

The Girl Downstairs is planned to be directed by Lee Jung Hyo. He is the director behind the success of a number of Korean dramas such as Crash Landing on You, Life on Mars, to Romance is a Bonus Book.

SUzy plunged into acting in 2011 through the Korean drama Dream High. At that time, she was still part of the girl group Miss A.

Since then, Suzy has been increasingly involved in a number of drama acting projects such as Uncontrollably Fond, While You Were Sleeping, to Vagabond. He last starred in a Korean drama in 2020 through Start-Up.

While in the film world, Suzy also starred in popular films. Among them are Real, Ashfall, and the latest one is titled Wonderland. The film also stars a number of top actors such as Choi Woo Shik, Jung Yu Mi, Park Bo Gum, to Tang Wei.

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