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Suwardi’s pride despite failing to win the One Pride Belt

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Saturday, February 26, 2022 – 00:30 WIB

VIVA – A bitter pill to taste the flyweight One Pride Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Suwardi. How could he not, he failed to win the interim championship belt after being overthrown by Rama Supandhi.

In the duel at Fight Night 56, Suwardi fought fiercely against Rama. Various combinations of punches and locks become the main dish for the two fighters in the octagon.

Despite running for five rounds, Rama and Suwardi showed excellent stamina and also displayed excellent techniques. You could say, the duel between the two in FN 56 was one of the best in One Pride MMA.

Unfortunately, in the party, Suwardi had to face an unwelcome reality. He had to give up the championship belt to his opponent after being declared defeated by counting points.

One Pride Result: Rama Supandhi Becomes Champion After Conquering Suwardi

Nevertheless, Suwardi in fact still feels proud. The reason is, he has shown the best performance at his age which is not young anymore.

“I am very proud even though I lost, but my performance is still appreciated, especially from One Pride fans. That means I am still seen here even though I lost,” said Suwardi to VIVA.

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