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Supporting the DKI Jakarta KONI Grant Fund Audit Plan

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Thursday, February 24, 2022 – 04:22 WIB

VIVA – Chairperson of the Provincial Government of the Indonesian Diving Sports Association (POSS) DKI Jakarta, Ali Mochtar Ngabalin, supports the plan from Commission E of the DKI Jakarta DPRD to conduct an investigative audit of DKI Jakarta KONI grant funds.

Because during the leadership period of Djamhuron P Wibowo and Hidayat Humaid, KONI DKI Jakarta received a grant of IDR 410 billion.

At that time, their target was to bring the DKI Jakarta contingent to become the overall champion in the Papua PON. However, the results obtained say otherwise.

“I support Commission E DPRD’s intention to encourage investigative audits of DKI Jakarta KONI grant funds. Hidayat and Djamhuron P Wibowo as Chair of the DKI Jakarta Contingent must be held accountable for their use,” said Ngabalin.

Ngabalin also reminded the promise of Djamhuron and Hidayat at that time, namely that they would withdraw if the target was not achieved. However, this time Hidayat even ran for chairmanship.

“Only one word for Hidayat Humaid. Keep the promise to resign as a form of responsibility. Don’t injure sportsmanship, which is always upheld by the sports community,” he stressed.

“How is it possible that Hidayat was part of the failure to realize his vision. He didn’t want to keep his promise to step down and instead kept insisting. Do you not remember the promise in front of the DKI Jakarta DPRD members or did you deliberately forget it?,” Ngabalin added.

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