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Supporting Chinese & Mandarin-Speaking Athletes, Ningning aespa Criticized by Knetz

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PeekCeleb – The criticism for Ningning aespa has been intensified by Korean netizens. This time, Korean netizens criticized Ningning Aespa for supporting the Chinese short track speed skating team.

Not only that, Ningning was also criticized by Korean netizens for using Mandarin in their Lysn application, Bubble. Come on, check the full facts!

Korean Netizens Criticize Ningning aespa


Photo : Bubble, Lysn

In early February, Ningning aespa was harshly criticized by Korean netizens for supporting China’s short track speed skating team. Despite being criticized by netizens, Ningning Aespa did not respond, and even returned to greet fans using Mandarin.

Ningning again greeted fans in Mandarin on February 24 via Bubble’s account, Lysn.

“I miss you. Good night,” wrote Ningning Aespa in Mandarin

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