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Success with Hellbound, Yoo Ah In Returns Through Goodbye Earth

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Yoo Ah In previously successfully starred in the Netflix original Korean drama Hellbound. Now, the actor is ready to return through the drama Goodbye Earth.

Yoo Ah In is confirmed to star in Goodbye Earth with a number of popular actors and actresses. There are Ahn Eun Jin, Jeon Seong Woo, to Kim Yoon Hye.

In Goodbye Earth, Earth faces the threat of a meteor crash. Only 200 days until the collision occurred. This drama tells the story of four individuals who try to live their lives in these situations.

Yoo Ah In stars as Ha Yoon Sang, a researcher at the Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology. He left the United States to be by his lover’s side in this dangerous situation.

Ahn Eun Jin will play Ha Yoon Sang’s lover, Jin Se Kyung. He is a former middle school teacher who volunteered at Ungcheon City Hall to protect children from danger amidst the threat of asteroids.

Jeon Seon Woo will play the role of Woo Sung Jae. When the head priest disappeared after the asteroid incident was announced, he became an assistant pastor and took care of the people in the church.

Kim Yeon Hye will be Kang In Ah, a commander in the combat service battalion. When Ungcheon experiences destruction, he travels around the city distributing supplies and maintaining order.

Goodbye Earth will be directed by Kim Jin Min, who was previously successful through Extracurricular and My Name. The script will be written by Jung Sung Joo, who previously worked on Secret Love Affair.

Goodbye Earth is in preparation to start shooting. It is still unclear when this drama will air.

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