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Success in Starring in ‘Ghost Doctor’, These are 13 Portraits of the Ageless Kim Bum’s Transformation | TheAsianparent

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The Korean drama Ghost Doctor, which ended at the beginning of this week, seems to still leave an impression on the hearts of its audience. Many viewers comment asking for this drama to be held season continued, lol. While waiting for related information season two, we present a series of photos of Kim Bum’s transformation to get closer to the actor Go Seung Tak, a well-known doctor tengil and handsome in the drama.

Playing a young doctor who is still an apprentice, Kim Bum is actually a man in his 30s! Her cute face does make her deserve to play characters who are much younger than her real age.

The actor who has a different character from Go Seung Tak has also had a long career, which is 16 years. He started his career in 2006, when he was 17.

Curious about how Kim Bum’s appearance has transformed from childhood to the present? Read this article to the end, yes!

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Kim Bum’s Ageless Transformation Portrait

1. Born with the real name Kim Sang-Bum

Kim Bum’s transformation

Kim Bum’s real name is Kim Sang Bum. He was born on July 7, 1989. That means, currently Kim Bum is 31 years old. Little Kim Bum also looks handsome from the start.

2. Acting Talent Seen Since Childhood

Kim Bum’s transformation

His good looks and expressive facial expressions have been very prominent and seen since childhood.

3. Take a Talent Search

Not surprisingly, then his parents channeled his talent in various talent search events.

4. Have a Photogenic Face

Look, even when relaxing and dressing modestly while enjoying summer vacation, Kim Bum still looks photogenic, right!

5. Korean artists who are good at sports

In addition to having potential in the field of entertainment, when he was still in school, Kim Bum also excelled in sports, especially in soccer. Amazingly, even though he is active in several sports clubs, Kim Bum is still able to maintain good academic scores.

6. Achievement in the World of Entertainment

Kim Bum started serious about a career in the entertainment world, starting with his win in the “Survival Star Audition” sponsored by KBS TV station in 2006.

7. Kim Bum’s Acting Debut

Kim Bum’s transformation

In the same year, Kim Bum immediately made his acting debut in the MBC drama series entitled “The Daring Sisters”. Kim Bum also appeared in the MBC drama “High Kick!”. There, he played a character with the same name as himself “Kim Bum”.

8. Get Famous Through ‘Boys Over Flowers’

Kim Bum’s transformation

Kim Bum’s name only became known to the public after he played So Yi-Jung in the Korean drama ‘Boys Over Flower’ in 2008. His role made his career even more popular, lo.

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9. Have a Charming Smile

His most distinctive facial features are his smile and his sweet countenance. From time to time, this sweet smile never changes, right?

10. Stay Charming with Barely Bare Hair

If Kim Bum usually appears with thick hair, once for the sake of his role, Kim Bum appeared with almost bald hair and a mustache. It turned out to be stylish macho suits him too, huh!

11. The older you get, the more charming you are

Back with a bangs hairstyle, Kim Bum looks more youthful and cute, right?

12. Ever Had Degenerative Arthritis

Kim Bum’s transformation

Had a hiatus for several years due to the degenerative arthritis he suffered, Kim Bum comeback with a drama titled ‘Law School’ in 2021.

The handsome face of the man who was born in Mapo, Seoul, South Korea has successfully treated the longing of his fans.

13. Kim Bum Successfully Starred in Ghost Doctor with Rain

Kim Bum’s transformation

His latest appearance with Rain on the small screen through the drama Ghost Doctor also successfully captured the hearts of many viewers. It is proven that this drama managed to reach a rating of 7.9% in its last episode.

The Korean drama Ghost Doctor presents a fantasy comedy drama that tells the story of two doctors who have very different characters and abilities, but can finally unite in one body. Even though it’s titled “Ghost”, this drama is not a horror genre, right? Parents!

Such is the transformation of Kim Bum from being a child to a glimpse of his 16-year career. Anyone a fan of him?



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