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Stumbling Ladder while Performing at the Brit Awards, Anne-Marie Still Looks Maximum |

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Stumbling Ladder while Performing at the Brit Awards, Anne-Marie Still Looks Maximum
Shortly after starting her performance, Anne-Marie is seen stumbling down the stairs.

On Tuesday (08/02/2022) night, Anne-Marie performed at the Brit Awards with a rendition of her popular song, Kiss My (Uh-oh).
Dressed in a red dress and black boots, one of The Voice UK trainers walked out the heart-shaped door and started singing. Unfortunately, he was seen stumbling for a few seconds while descending the stairs.

Anne Marie just fell off the stage hahah

— madiiiiiiiiiiison (@whoismadii) February 8, 2022

However, even though she stumbled, Anna-Marie didn’t seem to let go of the microphone and kept singing. He regained his balance soon after.

The video footage of Anne-Marie stumbling was also widely shared on social media Twitter. Many netizens also praised the professionalism of the 30-year-old singer for still trying to complete her performance to the maximum.

Can we all pray for @AnneMarie‘s knees and ankles please? My knees dislocated just watching her hit the floor different. 🙏🙏
Seriously though, she’s a true pro for carrying on! ❤️#brits2022 #annemarie #madonnamoment

— ️‍🌈 Ange ️‍🌈 (@IndeLibra85) February 8, 2022

“Can we all pray for Anne-Marie’s knees and ankles? My knee (feels) sprained just looking at it. Seriously, he really is a pro for successfully continuing (his performance),” wrote one netizen.

There are also other netizens who question why female singers have to wear high and uncomfortable shoes when performing?

Proof that female singers wear ridiculous shoes. Adele asked how she was expected to both carry her award AND walk to her seat! FML wear things you can move in

— 0094 (@0oonthe) February 8, 2022

“The evidence that female singers wear shoes is ridiculous. Adele was asked how she got her award and walked back to her seat!” tweet @Ooonthe account.

Meanwhile, Anne-Marie’s song, ‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)’ is single which he released in July 2021 in collaboration with Little Mix.

He also just released single most recently, ‘Everywhere,’ in collaboration with Niall Horan.

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