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Stranger Things Day 2021: The Latest News About Stranger Things 4

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The latest season of the series Stranger Things coming soon to Netflix in 2022. Of course, many world audiences can’t wait to find out the continuation of the story of Eleven and friends after the quite touching ending in its third season.

Netflix returned to holding Stranger Things Day 2021 on November 6, which coincided with the day Will Byers (Noah Schnapp)’s character disappeared from Hawkins – the beginning of the story that introduced the world of Upside Down. At this moment, Netflix announced premiere teasers, exclusive content for the fourth season, and more. Find a rundown of the excitement of Stranger Things Day 2021 below!

Stranger Things 4 Premiere Teaser

The first teaser for Stranger Things 4 shows a new location set in California, where Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the Byers family now live. Eleven looks difficult to adapt to the new school and can’t wait to welcome spring break with Mike (Finn Wolfhard). But it looks like their vacation will be filled with surprises full of thrilling and tense action.

Stranger Things 4 Episode Title

Not only teasers, Netflix also leaked the titles of the Stranger Things 4 episodes. What are the stories that await in each episode?

Hawkins . City Map

Explore the never-before-seen world of Stranger Things with the first official Hawkins map created by artist Kyle Lambert.

Different Ways to Celebrate Stranger Things Day

Wondering how Stranger Things creators and collectors are celebrating this special day? Check out their quirky ways that might inspire you to celebrate Stranger Things Day next year or whenever!

Cast Transformation

From today’s casual looks to ’80s style, watch the cast’s transformation as they get ready to take on their individual characters in the new season of Stranger Things!

Still curious about Stranger Things 4? Don’t miss this guide to find out how to get the latest merchandise from Stranger Things. See you at Hawkins in mid-2022, only on Netflix!

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