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Squid Game Review – Cinemags

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Squid Game has aired and can be watched directly until the end of season 1. This series offers something different for fans of films that carry the theme of games to save lives and get amazing prizes for the winners.

For those who follow the information related to the Squid Game series, of course they will remember, when the first trailer showed the game red light green light , which then turned into a frenzy of terror, as the participants realized that the shooting had started when they did not follow directions given over the loudspeaker.

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But it turns out that this is only the beginning of a series of nightmares, which makes the audience who watched until the end, fascinated by the unique storyline and still can’t predict until the end.

No one can be trusted in a game that is and will continue. Anyone will do anything to save himself.

When the directions in the game asked for a team to be formed, the storyline that was created made the audience willing to finish this series until it was finished episode by episode. Cliff hanger what is given at the end of each episode is indeed interesting and curious.

squid game

As promised by the director Hwang Dong-hyuk in a press release some time ago. The storyline in this series seems to open up nostalgia for childhood with a variety of traditional games. But that’s not all, the character of the game is raised to the highest level, which makes the audience inevitably carry empathy and sympathy for those who lose.

The struggle of those involved in this game actually has a way out, but the way Hwang Dong-hyuk bringing that exit door will or will not be usable, is very interesting. He. brings with it human nature which is selfish, unwilling to give in and does not want to lose in a series of processes that can be said to be almost non-existent loopholes. All actions are carried out with careful and mature consideration, so that all game participants understand the risks.

However, the audience is still carried away with empathy for these defeated characters, regardless of whether they have a bad or good past.

In addition, what is interesting in this series is the use of colorful children’s play properties, accompanied by the masks used. As if to emphasize that the audience who pays attention to the use of this symbol will be able to guess the plot of the story, because everything is interrelated.

It is not something new, if in a film, symbols are used. But its application this time, contains more than a mere symbolic series. There were a few more things that were leveled up again by Hwang Dong-hyuk

This series is one of the recommended series to watch, for those who like mystery and thriller genres.

The end of the storyline, seems to open up opportunities for season 2 to be shown, with a new chapter and new targets. Has the hunted now turned into a hunter? Or are you still a victim? Is luck still shining on the winner of the Squid Game?

All of this is of course a basic question, for those who are really looking forward to season 2 of this series.

For those who want to watch, you can first watch the following trailer

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