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Spicy Foods Can Help Lose Weight When Dieting? This is the Fact!

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Spicy food is always tempting lovers. The hot and sweaty sensation is a sensation that is unmatched by other foods. In addition, some people also feel that spicy food can make their eyes light up again sleepy, you feel it, no, Beauty?

However, behind it all, apparently chili, the raw material for spicy food, saves many benefits for the body, you know. Quoted from the Cleveland Clinic website, there is evidence that spicy foods can help you lose weight, improve heart health and help the digestive system.

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“Spicy food is a hot topic in nutrition, no pun intended,” says Patricia Bridget Lane, registered dietitian. How does spicy food work to help you lose weight? That said, there are several ways the caipsaicin in chilies works in the body.

Boost Metabolism

Capsaicin It is an ingredient in pepper and other spicy foods, which is believed to increase metabolism. This increase is closely related to weight loss. Quoted from the site 1 MD, in the body, capsaicin work by activating brown fatwhich helps burn calories and enhances weight loss abilities.

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Reduces Hunger

Apart from increasing metabolism, capsaicin can also reduce your hunger, you know, Beauties. That way, the weight loss program will be supported. “There is some research that capsaicin acts on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls hunger and satiety,” Lane said.

Skipping breakfast actually makes you hungry, so you want to snack continuously.Hungry illustration. (Photo:

“People who eat a diet rich in spicy foods tend to eat less food overall throughout the day,” he adds.

Not a Healthy Way

It is true that spicy food can help increase metabolism, but eating spicy food is not recommended as part of a weight loss program, considering that spicy food has side effects such as stomach upset to diarrhea.

Find healthier and more secure ways to boost your metabolism while dieting. That way, you protect your health and are more efficient at losing weight.


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