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Space Jam: A New Legacy – Film Synopsis and Review

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Space Jam: A New Legacy is the latest version of the Space Jam saga, the 1996 basketball-themed family film that brought together basketball legend Michael Jordan and the hilarious animated Looney Tunes characters. In the latest version, the current NBA’s most prominent superstar LeBron James is lined up as the main spearhead.

A New Legacy tells the story of a polemic faced by LeBron regarding one of his sons, Dom. Due to the evil AI-G (Don Cheadle), LeBron and his son must be trapped in a digital world. The only way to be able to bring the son home and out of the digital world is to form a formidable team to win a high-stakes basketball match against the AI-G digital court champion team.

As mentioned earlier, family conflict and basketball are the main themes in Space Jam: A New Legacy, where the humor in the film is mostly related to basketball, fan culture, and family humor that is unique to the African-American community. The emphasis on the father-daughter relationship is an added warmth in this film, which fortunately does not dilute the elements of entertainment and madness that used to be attached to the elements of Space Jam.

In general, the result of Malcolm D. Lee’s direction makes Space Jam: A New Legacy able to present something new to make up for all the lost nostalgia. Instead of 2D animated characters entering reality, people from the real world are brought into a highly digital reality. Looney Tunes characters are also brought to life in 3D, and look much more realistic than the 1996 version thanks to advances in technology and animation. The appearance of many popular IP characters (such as Batman, King Kong, Citizen Kane, and many more) as cameos also makes the atmosphere of this film more lively.

The new digital world is a unique spin and mostly affects basketball matches in Space Jam: A New Legacy where it doesn’t stick to the traditional rules of basketball and instead acts more like a video game with power-ups and bonus points. The main highlight in the second half of the film, the video-game basketball match is the strongest part of this film with visuals and scenes that steal attention. Its video game resemblance and interesting special effects put the film in the same realm as Ready Player One and Guns Akimbo, appealing to fans of the video-game film genre.

As the main spearhead, LeBron James feels right and looks comfortable playing here. In addition to showing a decent acting performance, James is also able to do voiceover well. He is also quite convincing to show characteristics as a big fan of 1990s films and other WB franchises. In short, the film is successful in showing many people a side of LeBron James that is not often seen, which makes Space Jam: A New Legacy a great fan-service film for NBA fans, especially die-hard fans of the superstar.

Overall, Space Jam: A New Legacy is a fun and uplifting film that appeals to a large group of people – young people, NBA fans, video-game lovers, and those chasing nostalgia after growing up on the 1996 original film. some names. The film relies heavily on the franchise’s iconic names and continues its legacy with modern digital. Apart from some humor and hit and miss scenes, it’s a fun, highly vibrant, colorful and referential extravaganza of today’s popular culture that has something to offer kids and adults alike who grew up watching these characters.

Space Jam: A New Legacy can be seen in Indonesian cinemas

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