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Song Seung Heon Joins Kim Woo Bin in Netflix Drama Black Knight

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Kim Woo Bin is confirmed to be returning to acting through the Netflix drama Black Knight. Netflix also officially announced Song Seung Heon’s involvement in the drama.

Black Knight is a Korean drama with a background in 2071 which is full of air pollution. This makes humans have to wear a respirator mask in order to breathe.

In the midst of this chaos, Black Knight will follow the story of a legendary ‘5-8’ delivery driver who is proficient in combat and a refugee named Sawol who wants to follow in his footsteps.

In addition to Kim Woo Bin, Song Seung Heon will join a row of other well-known actors such as Esom and Kang You Seok. Song Seung Heon will reunite with director Choi Ui Seok through this drama after his last collaboration in the film Make It Big.

Song Seung Heon will take on the role of Ryu Seok, a criminal who invites curiosity. He is also the sole heir of the Chun Myung Group, a conglomerate that monopolizes the supply of oxygen to rule a world that desperately needs respirators.

Kim Woo Bin was previously confirmed to play the legendary 5-8 figure. Kang You Seok will play Sawol who is jealous of 5-8’s popularity.

On the other hand, Esom will play the role of Seol Ah. He was a major in the military who looked after Sawol like his family and savior.

Black Knight is a series adapted from the webtoon of the same name. The popular webtoon was created by Lee Yoon Gyun.

The webtoon won the E-IP Pitching (Entertainment Intellectual Property Pitching) award at the 2018 Asian Contents & Film Market. Black Knight stole the show because this webtoon focuses on the lives of freight forwarders, creatively portraying them as special people who are responsible for safety. everyone.

Until now, it is still uncertain when Black Knight will be officially aired.

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