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Social Security for Athletes

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022 – 13:35 WIB

VIVA – The Draft Law (RUU) on Sport which was passed into law at the plenary session of the DPR RI in Jakarta, Tuesday, stipulates 10 principal numbers for the substance of the national sports system, one of which is the provision of social security protection for athletes.

In his report, the Chairperson of the Sports Bill Committee, Dede Yusuf, said that the provision of social security for athletes would be carried out based on existing regulations, namely the Law on the National Social Security System (SJSN).

Dede also said that the Sports Law, which is a revision of Bill Number 3 of 2005 regarding the National Sports System (SKN), also regulates in it the affirmation of the professional status of athletes.

“Strengthening sportsmen as professions, regulating welfare and awards are not only in the form of providing scholarships, jobs, extraordinary promotions, honorary citizenship marks but also social security protection through SJSN,” said Dede, in a press release from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Tuesday, February 15. 2022.

Chairman of Commission IX DPR RI Dede Yusuf M Efendi.

The Indonesian government has previously shown its concern for outstanding sports players by distributing bonuses to athletes who won medals in various international multi-events, world championships, and the Olympics.

Several outstanding athletes were also promised to receive guarantees in the form of appointments to become civil servants (PNS) by the government.

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