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So Sad! Versace Won’t Have a Couture Show this Year

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Enter presentation couture, the fashion house Versace is rumored to be absent this year. Everything has been confirmed by the CEO of Versace, Jonathan Akeroyd, that the fashion house directed by Donatella Versace will not hold a show. couture for Spring/Summer 2017 this week, and next July for couture Fall/Winter 2017.

“Currently, we are holding six show in a year, that’s too much,” explains Jonathan Akeroyd in a quote in The New York Times. “A total of eight showplus couture, it feels too much. We also understand that there’s been a lot of change lately, so why not try something new?”

The change that Akeroyd meant itself referred to the concept see-now-buy-now which is now widely applied by several fashion houses. Where Versace is a pioneer who applies this system to its second line, Versus Versace. Meanwhile, Versace’s second innovation is to combine women’s and men’s collections in one presentation. That is by changing the show schedule for women’s collections which usually fall in February and September to coincide with the presentation of men’s collections in January and June.

Photo source: Los Angeles Times

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