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So Broken! Check out the synopsis of the film Last Night In Soho, you must watch it

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PeekCeleb – Movies Last Night In Soho It is said that it can already be enjoyed in our favorite cinemas. This psychological-horror genre film is one of the most anticipated films of 2021.

Played by Anya Taylor Joy, Thomasin McKenzie and Matt Smith, the film Last Night in Soho is a must watch because the plot and the soundtrack are really stunning. Curious about what the film is like? Straight to scroll the article below.

Synopsis of Film Last Night in Soho


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Film Last Night in Soho directed by Edgar Wright, this success stirred the emotions of the audience. The reason is, this film will make all the viewers think hard about the meaning behind the storyline.

Played by Thomasin McKenzie who plays a fashion student named Eloise. He suddenly moved to the era of the 1960s in London.

His move was a mystery but Eloise felt she had to live her life in the 60s era. Until one day, he then meets Sandy (Anya Taylor Joy) who is a beautiful and talented singer by profession.

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