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So Back Yi Jin and Na Hee Do Will Be Together?

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It has been decided! As was the case with Hospital Playlist season 2 last year, Podcasts are choreographing! will regularly review the Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One which is currently being discussed by Korean drama lovers.

Reviews of episodes 3 and 4 can now be heard on the Drakor Podcast! the latest edition that you can play below:

Episodes 3 and 4 of the Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One are full of romance between Back Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri). But even though their story was very sweet in 1998, there is one question that bothers the audience’s mind: will they be together in the future?

This question arose because in that episode, Kim Min Chae asked about the Back Yi Jin figure he saw in the photo. It was as if he had never known who he had known through his mother’s diary. Little by little clues about Back Yi Jin’s whereabouts in the future began to emerge as well. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of others such as Ji Woong, Yu Rim, and Seung Wan in the present are still not disclosed.


Na Hee Do is also entering a new phase in his career as a fencing athlete. He had to train hard to memorize the dance song of the boy band Shinhwa which is the coach’s favorite K-Pop idol group. There’s also a moment when Na Hee Do and Back Yi Jin practice fencing together one night that’s too sweet to pass up.

Ji Woong and Yu Rim also got a scene uwu in this episode. Another couple from the drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One that we will always look forward to in every episode.

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