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Smartfren Presents the Latest Unlimited, No Drama No Ribet

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In line with the needs of today’s generation who always keep connected to the internet, at the beginning of this year Smartfren issued the latest Smartfren Unlimited package that gives customers a double FUP bonus. This bonus is expected to make customers more comfortable doing various digital activities.

As stated by Djoko Tata Ibrahim, Deputy CEO of Smartfren, that Smartfren always presents product innovations that are in accordance with the digital needs of the community. Starting the year 2022, Smartfren sees
Internet needs of the community are increasing because more and more activities are carried out digitally.

“At the beginning of 2022, Smartfren is confident to launch the Unlimited package with the benefits of double FUP. Of course, this package will provide an internet connection experience to become the best friend for those who want to surf the internet so it’s no drama, no complicated, “said Djoko Tata Ibrahim.

The double FUP benefits start from the Smartfren Unlimited Daily package of IDR 80,000 (1 GB per day plus 1 GB double FUP bonus per day) and IDR 100,000 (1.5 GB per day plus 1.5 GB double FUP bonus per day). The internet becomes more worry-free and hassle-free, because this package is valid for 24 hours, it can be used in all applications without conditions

This double FUP bonus can be obtained for purchasing packages within the promo period starting from January 12, 2022. In addition, customers also have many other Daily Unlimited options that are valid 24 hours and can
used for all applications.

There is Unlimited Daily Rp. 22,500 which is valid for 7 days, Rp. 40,000 for 14 days and Daily Unlimited of Rp. 60,000 which is valid for 28 days. Customers can also collect SmartPoins every time they buy an internet package. SmartPoints
obtained can be exchanged for various kinds of attractive prizes, ranging from food or drinks, and so on.

Along with the latest Smartfren Unlimited package, Smartfren also officially cooperates with UN1TY as the brand ambassador. UN1TY was chosen as the brand ambassador because they share the same passion for co-creation and collaboration, while strengthening Smartfren as a brand that opens up opportunities for the creative industry.

“Together with UN1TY, we want to inspire more people to continue working, as well as open up new opportunities by utilizing the internet. UN1TY is a music group consisting of 8 young people who consistently invites young people to continue to work and spread a positive spirit,” added Djoko Tata Ibrahim.

The eight young people who are members of UN1TY are Farhan, Shandy, Gilang, Ricky, Fenly, Fajri, Zweitson, and Fiki. In 2019, this music group debuted with two very interesting singles entitled “Coba Cintaku” and “One”.

UN1TY previously collaborated with Smartfren to make the music video for “Friendzone” which is the original soundtrack for the television film “Dari Jendela SMP”. Together with UN1TY, Smartfren will hold a WOW Special Concert and Fansign Roadshow at 15 points as well as various exciting and interesting programs.

“Don’t hesitate, just use the Daily Unlimited Smartfren at the same price as the double FUP bonus which can make the internet more double fun, double happiness. Get Unlimited internet access that is free to use to access any application you want. No drama, no complicated!” closed Djoko Tata Ibrahim.

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