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Smartfren Internet Traffic Soars 9% During Christmas and New Year

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Smarfren noted an increase in national internet traffic by an average of 9 percent during Christmas and New Year 2022. This increase in internet traffic is in line with the predictions and anticipations that have been prepared, so that Smartfren’s internet services remain optimal and can be enjoyed by all customers.

In addition, Smartfren also noted that the increase in internet traffic this time was concentrated in various residential areas. Activities that contribute to the increase in internet traffic include, among others, internet access
towards streaming applications (8 percent), games (6 percent), and social media (11 percent).

“In addition to anticipating the surge in internet traffic for Christmas and New Year, Smartfren routinely continues to carry out
network capacity optimization. This is Smartfren’s commitment to provide the best service to support the community in opening up various digital opportunities from the internet,” said Agus Rohmat, VP Network Operations Smartfren.

By region, the largest increase in Smartfren’s internet traffic occurred in Greater Jakarta. At Christmas this increase reaches 10 percent of traffic on weekdays, and by New Year’s 2022 it reaches 12 percent of traffic on weekdays.

A significant increase in traffic also occurred in the Central Java region, with an average of 9 percent compared to normal days. One of the reasons for this increase is the change in the mobility pattern of the people, most of whom are at home and do not travel outside the city.

To ensure that customers continue to receive the best service, Smartfren has implemented various cutting-edge technologies on the entire network, namely multiple carriers, millimeter wave, small cell, 4×4 MIMO, Beam Forming, Full Duplex, and 256 QAM.

All of the technologies used by Smartfren also play an important role in providing the best internet connection, thus enabling customers to get high-speed, stable access, and achieve 4G+ on supported devices.

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