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Simon Leviev’s Elegant Style, A Love Scam in The Tinder Swindler | Hipwee

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Simon Leviev's Elegant Style, The Love Scam in The Tinder Swindler

Recently, the public has been shocked by a documentary on Netflix entitled The Tinder Swindler which revolves around fraud through the Tinder application. Via dating app on line In this case, a man using the pseudonym Simon Leviev managed to deceive his victims.

Simon Leviev, whose real name is Shimon Hayut, comes from Israel and claims to be the son of Israeli conglomerate Lev Leviev, also known as King of Diamonds who has a wealth of around 1.5 billion US dollars.

He presents himself as a handsome man who is rich with ostentatious luxury goods, parties, private jets and of course, elegant fashion that makes people even more convinced that he is indeed the “sultan”. No one thought that Simon was a fraud until he actually launched his action.

So, SoHip, are you curious, how cool is his style so that women can be trapped by his tricks? Let’s just see.

1. First, there is a simple style and sporty Simon on his way to the beach. It looks mixed hoodies is green with beige chinos and comes with sneakers

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Simon’s style at the beach / Credit: IG Simon Leviev

2. Not too much style, Simon combines a plain red shirt combined with jeans strictly as a subordinate. He looks like he’s wearing sneakers Chanel

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Simon Leviev in Chanel shoes / Credit: IG Simon Leviev

3. Simon seems to have succeeded in bringing basic style with a tight white t-shirt and pants jeans that fits snugly on his body

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Bring basic style / Credit: IG Simon Leviev

4. Simon combined a casual t-shirt with jeans strict. Increasing class plus a gray blazer and shoes slip-on black

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Look up class with a blazer / Credit: IG Simon Leviev

5. Pairing a long white shirt with black shorts Simon also did. He perfected the combination with shoes slip on with the ribbon accent he wears

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Shorts / Credit: IG Simon Leviev

6. Taking pictures in the middle of the festival he wears clothes turtleneck red color press body, which he then coats the jacket bomber black. Naturally, jeans tight, don’t miss it to complete the OOTD

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Turtleneck t-shirt and bomber jacket / Credit: IG Simon Leviev

7. This time he looks expensive with a long coat that almost touches the knee which has a fur accent on the collar. He seems to be wearing a shirt and sweater red on the inside

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Wearing a long coat/ Credit: IG Simon Leviev

8. Looking relaxed, Simon wore clothes that fit his body in black with floral motifs. He also wears cream-colored shorts as subordinates. Finally, the relaxed style is complete with shoes slip-on Louis Vuitton logo

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Simple fashion style / Credit: IG Simon Leviev

9. Lastly, Simon seems to be using hoodies with the symbol of brand famous Louis Vuitton. The clothes fit her body well, so do the pants jeans the black he wears

Simon Leviev . Fashion

Hodie LVl / Credit: IG Simon Leviev

It is true that the expression “never judge a book by its cover”. Simon may appear luxurious and rich, but who would have thought that all of this was just a lie to carry out his fraudulent actions. The point is not to be easily fooled just because of someone’s appearance, OK, SoHip.

When meeting new people in cyberspace, we should not be too trusting and must do a little research to check the background of the person. The reason is, you could be one of the potential victims of fraud like this. Whoops! Remember to always be alert!

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