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Signal 100: Synopsis and Review

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Adding to the long list of Japanese films about the game of death, Signal 100 comes. Like many other films from the land of the rising sun, Signal 100 is adapted from the manga series of the same name by Arata Miyatsuki and illustrator Shigure Kondo which was first published in 2015 in Young magazine. Animals.

This live action feature film is directed by young female filmmaker Lisa Takeba and stars teenage actress Kanna Hashimoto who often stars in manga/anime adaptation films. Then, there is also Shido Nakamura, a veteran actor who is perhaps best known for his performance as the voice of Ryuk in the Death Note franchise.

In a breath-taking formula with Japan’s most popular death game themed film, Battle Royale, Signal 100 revolves around a group of high school students who have the misfortune of being the target of their psychopathic teacher’s choice of punishment. Horrific death, betrayal, and feelings of hidden hatred await the moment of graduation from this nameless school class set in a rural area. They have to make sure that they have to follow the rules – without them knowing if they don’t want their lives to be lost.

Rena Kashimura (Kanna Hashimoto) is enjoying her last few days as a high school student. He and his best friend Haruka Koizumi (Yumi Wakatsuki) are planning a graduation trip to celebrate. Their classmates are also preparing for the time after they graduate. However, when they came to school to prepare for their last cultural festival, something unexpected happened.

Their teacher Shinobe (Shido Nakamura) decides to change the course of their lives forever. He hypnotized 36 of his students and pinned 100 suggestion signals to them, which when triggered, resulted in the person committing suicide. Either way.

The teacher was ‘kind’ enough to tell some of them – if attacking someone meant suicide – it could be by jumping from a window or stabbing oneself into the nearest sharp object. However, the rest of the suggestions they have to find themselves. However, while they may come up with other suggestions, there is only one way to survive the suicidal hypnosis. All had to die except one person.

Rena, Sota Sakaki (Yuta Koseki) and other students then join forces to get out of this dilemma situation together. However, there are some students like Hayato Wada (Toshiki Seto) who intend only for their own safety. Will Rena and Sota be able to find a way to undo this hypnosis? Or are they all doomed to a gruesome death?

Although the formula for the story may not be far from that of other Japanese death game themed films, Signal 100 is solid and easy to enjoy without the need to read the manga first. Compared to films with the same theme, the presentation is no less interesting, and even shines in some parts.

One of them is in the character building sector, which even though it only provides very short sessions about their normal lives (only 5 minutes-ed) is able to show a bit of understanding not only about the main character but also all the student characters, even though it is shallow, it can still provoke emotions when victims began to fall. And, typical of death game films, some of the death scenes here are brutal.

However, because of the duration limit and too many characters involved, the main characters are so stereotypical. The main protagonist is a typical hero of truth and no less good companion. While on the other hand there are characters who seem to function as the main antagonists of the ‘perfect killing machine’ who are the toughest players in this deadly game.

In terms of the performance of the players, although not to an impressive stage, this line of young talents was able to perform well with the script given to them. Another significant plus and minus factor is for those who need a clear motive for the evil teacher or at least need some basic background information – Signal 100 might not be your movie. There’s nothing to show that this particular class deserves the teacher’s punishmentFor example, there are students who are addicted to playing online slots or bullying someone. Instead he seems to have hidden his insane psychopathic self until recently and only punished his ‘beloved students’ for his own amusement.

So if you enjoy death game movies and easily settle for gruesome deaths and not much story, Signal 100 is a nice short trip to help you pass the time. Indeed, there is a scene that incidentally is unnecessary because it does not contribute anything to the story, but overall Signal 100’s presentation can be categorized as quite impressive.

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