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Showing off his weight, INFINITE’s Sungjong shocked netizens

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PeekCeleb – Long absence from the Kpop music industry, INFINITE’s Sungjong is quite active in sharing his activities with fans through his personal social media.

Recently, INFINITE’s Sungjong’s post was in the spotlight and reaped various reactions after showing his weight figure. In fact, he is also suspected of having health problems. Read more through the review below.

INFINITE’s Sungjong’s Weight is in the Spotlight


Photo : ssongjjong.ifnt/instagram

Through his personal Instagram Story feature on February 23, INFINITE’s Sungjong shared a photo of himself standing on a scale, showing his weight figure.

The scales show INFINITE’s Sungjong’s current weight is 50.7 kilograms. In the caption of his post, he was also surprised and wrote, “Is weight real?”

Not a Few Netizens Worry About INFINITE’s Sungjong

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