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Shinta VR and RANS Entertainment Create a Metaverse Project in Indonesia

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Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, the founders of RANS Entertainment, have just announced their newest metaverse project called “RansVerse” via their personal Instagram account. This metaverse project collaborates with Shinta VR, VC Gamers, UpBanx, and Rans Animation.

Their first project in the realm of metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFT) will later present every land plot, costume, character, and other elements in RansVerse in NFT form. The presence of this local metaverse project is inseparable from the big role of Shinta VR.

As explained by Andes Rizky, Founder and Managing Director of Shinta VR, that Shinta VR is fully committed to being at the forefront of immersive technology in Indonesia in welcoming the development of the global metaverse industry, one of which is through RansVerse.

“RansVerse is a gateway for Indonesia to introduce metaverse technology to the wider community, built with the spirit of collaboration and supported by technology derived from the results of Shinta VR’s in-depth research. We are optimistic that we can have a positive impact on accelerating the use of metaverse technology in the country,” said Andes.

Furthermore, Andes also said that through RansVerse, Shinta VR wants to open up metaverse business opportunities and educate the market that Indonesia is ready to develop the potential of the metaverse industry even further. In the future, Shinta VR will continue to play a role in encouraging the development of the metaverse in Indonesia.

This project was also welcomed by Raffi Ahmad. He is very happy to be collaborating with many parties, especially with Shinta VR in this RansVerse project and seeing the excitement that comes from many parties towards RansVerse.

“This collaboration is the beginning of our journey in the metaverse world, and we hope that RansVerse can have a positive impact on the Indonesian people, especially seeing Shinta VR’s proven track record in the metaverse realm through its projects,” said Raffi.

As a pioneer of immersive technology in Indonesia since 2016, Shinta VR has collaborated with more than 120 national and international clients with a reach in more than 12 countries, and handles several industries such as telecommunications, oil and gas, property, healthcare, market research, office job training, and so on.

Some of Shinta VR’s flagship projects include Millealab, SpaceCollab, and Virtual Youtuber. To date, Millealab, which is a VR platform containing 3D and VR educational content to assist school student learning activities, has been accessed by 20,000 users, 2,500 schools and has certified 5,200 educators/teachers.

Through Millealab, Shinta VR continues to be committed to helping the education sector through the use of VR in teaching and learning activities as well as expanding its impact through the VR Warrior program, which is designed to support educators who are members of Millealab as VR Ambassadors.

In addition, Shinta VR also presents SpaceCollab as an immersive collaboration platform, or a virtual meeting system that can connect people around the world with realistic 3D views. SpaceCollab has been used for simulations in several institutions and training centers in the country.

Shinta VR is also the first Indonesian company to introduce Virtual YouTuber technology. Like YouTubers in general, they can create their own YouTube content, do endorsements, read news, and so on. Through this technology, Shinta VR already has a Virtual YouTuber agency named Maha5 (Maha Panca).

“With all the experience we have, Shinta VR wants to embrace all VR/AR stakeholders in Indonesia to accelerate the development of immersive technology. We are also fully committed to developing Indonesian human resources who have the ability and work in immersive technology and the metaverse,” concluded Andes.

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