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SF9’s Youngbin Scheduled to Enlist in the Military Next Month |

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SF9’s Youngbin is scheduled to enlist in the military next month

DREAMERS.ID – One by one the members of the boy group SF9 began to receive state calls for military service. Following Inseong, it was Youngbin’s turn to announce the scheduled enlistment schedule in the near future.

On February 14, SF9’s agency FNC Entertainment announced that Youngbin will serve as an active duty soldier and begin his mandatory military service on March 29. That is, eight days apart from Inseong which was scheduled for March 21.

On March 29, Youngbin will be enlisting as an active duty soldier in the military’s 27th division. Due to the precautions surrounding COVID-19 and in order to reduce the chaos around the military enlistment site, we will not be holding any official events on the day of his enlistment.

The agency will also keep Youngbin’s military headquarters secret, “Since this is a place where many soldiers gather, the exact location will be kept secret, and we ask fans to respect the fact that they are not allowed to come.”

“We are always grateful for the love you send to SF9’s Youngbin. He will safely complete his military service, and until the day he returns in good health, we ask for your continued support,” concluded FNC.

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