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Seo Ye Ji Was In Conflict With Her Neighbor, Agency Confirms

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PeekCeleb – Various media outlets are reporting news that Seo Ye Ji was involved in a conflict with her neighbor. One of his neighbors immediately posted on the online community about their debate.

Gold Medalist as Seo Ye Ji’s agency, has also confirmed this issue. So, like what? Come on, check it out below!

Seo Ye Ji is in trouble again


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Earlier this week, an anonymous netizen claimed that he and Seo Ye Ji were neighbors and were in conflict over parking. Netizen A finally uploaded a long article along with photos related to his problem with Seo Ye Ji.

According to netizen A, Seo Ye Ji’s parents placed a dog gate around the stairs used by the residents of the villa. As a result, all the residents of the villa find it difficult to use the stairs.

Netizen A even said that Seo Ye Ji’s father threatened his neighbors.

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