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Samsung Launches Family Hub, Smart Refrigerator for IDR 30 Million

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Samsung introduces Family Hub in Indonesia. This is a smart refrigerator that offers various conveniences for serving food, connecting all family members, providing entertainment while cooking in the kitchen, and even making Indonesian consumers have smart devices in their kitchens.

Now! For consumers who are interested in this refrigerator, the Samsung Family Hub is priced at IDR 29,999,000. There are attractive offers for consumers who buy this smart refrigerator at the initial sale. The offer is in the form of a total bonus of IDR 2.7 million which lasts for the period 27 January – 6 February 2022.

“Samsung introduces the Family Hub, the newest refrigerator product that is very smart and multifunctional. This is able to provide real life solutions by following the changing lifestyles of today’s young people,” said Melvin Rubianto, Head of Home Appliances Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Melvin emphasized that Family Hub is like a smart assistant that will help users become reliable chefs at home. This smart refrigerator keeps users connected to their family, builds the mood while cooking through favorite music or series, and becomes part of the smart home.

Continuing the tradition of the refrigerator as a means of family communication

Since the first, the refrigerator is often unconsciously a medium of communication between family members. Such as leaving messages, pasting photos or children’s work, and so on. The Samsung Family Hub continues this tradition through its Whiteboard feature, a canvas on which users can digitally write messages or sketches.

Attaching messages in digital post-it form can also be done through the Memo feature without having to cover the entire refrigerator door which is already aesthetic because of the frequent leaving messages for people at home, or just as a reminder when we worry about forgetting important things to do.

Users can leave text messages, voice, or display vacation photos in the gallery like digital frames that can display memorable photos. In addition, with the Calendar feature, there are no more incidents of forgetting your spouse’s birthday or important days for those who already have children.

Family Hub users can share or check family schedules, enter new schedules directly on the Samsung Family Hub screen or on smartphones, because this feature is synchronized with Google services and Microsoft Outlook to remind special dates for all family members or important meeting schedules.

Enjoy non-stop entertainment while cooking

The Samsung Family Hub can also be a personal ‘DJ’ in a modern kitchen. The Family Hub fridge is already integrated with the Spotify app. That way, users can cook, dine or just sit back and have afternoon coffee in the kitchen area while listening to their favorite playlist.

The presence of the Samsung Family Hub in the Indonesian market was warmly welcomed by Anissa Aziza, an actress and YouTuber. He said that the Samsung Family Hub can be installed his favorite playlist on Spotify. While cooking, you become more enthusiastic, and you can finally make delicious dishes for the kids to taste at home.

Not only music, with Smart View, users of this smart refrigerator can also mirror the smartphone screen to access subscription VoD services and select serial streaming. Cooking or dining while watching your favorite series, what’s not fun?

Interestingly, on the Family Hub refrigerator screen there is also a browser application to access various favorite websites. Now, in front of the smart refrigerator, users can also read the news, learn new recipes from YouTube, or share updates on social media.

Cooking is like a professional chef

Another feature that Samsung has built into the Family Hub can be great fun for young people who have a passion for cooking and like to experiment in the kitchen. Family Hub refrigerator will be a smart assistant to help users cook like a professional chef.

Simply by accessing Smart Recipe, this feature will recommend various recipes that have been curated and adjusted according to user preferences. When a recipe is selected, Smart Recipe will display the ingredients and provide a step-by-step cooking guide, complete with voice instructions.

These recipes can also be added to the Meal Planner to organize a weekly menu and add ingredients that need to be purchased to the Shopping List. With the weekly Meal Planner and Shopping List, users will not experience a shortage of ingredients when cooking.

To check the stock or the contents of the refrigerator is also easy. The reason is, the Samsung Family Hub is equipped with the View Inside feature to check the contents of the refrigerator directly on the Family Hub home screen with one swipe down. So, users don’t have to bother to open the door.

With a camera in the refrigerator, users can see what food is left inside without opening the door often. In addition to making it easy, this feature also allows cooling performance to remain efficient because the refrigerator does not need to be opened and closed often.

Smart home control from the fridge

In the midst of the smart home trend, Samsung completes its smart home range with the presence of the Samsung Family Hub. This Samsung refrigerator is also capable of connecting with a number of smart devices at home with the SmartThings application. Starting from turning on or off smart devices, setting up, or limiting the use of electricity.

The new Samsung Family Hub is also connected to Bixby, which allows users to perform voice commands, from setting alarms to suggesting recipes. Interestingly, even though users are busy cooking, they can still connect with other people.

No more important calls will be missed, because the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator can be connected to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. So that users can receive calls or make calls through the Family Hub screen.

As a refrigerator, the Samsung Family Hub is equipped with various innovative technologies, such as SpaceMax Technology to store food neatly and stay fresh longer. In addition, Family Hub is also reinforced with Digital Inverter Technology, the refrigerator also works with high efficiency, is quieter, and lasts longer.

Samsung Family Hub is available on starting January 27, 2022, at a price of IDR 29,999,000 and during the promo period get an immediate bonus worth a total of IDR 2,799,000 in the form of a Samsung Galaxy M12 and cashback worth up to IDR 1,000,000. This promo is valid from 27 January to 6 February 2022.

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